What about a Trump-Kennedy ticket?

What about a Trump-Kennedy ticket?

What about a Trump-Kennedy ticket?


Kennedy becomes VP, gives a speech ripping the COVID vaccines, and Warp Speed Trump sends him on a fact-finding mission to Mongolia, for 4 years.

Or: At a presser in Hollywood, a reporter asks VP Kennedy about the COVID vaccines and Kennedy swallows the rising acid in his throat and says, “Well, there’s a difference of opinion on the issue. Some claim they’ve caused problems, and others assert they’ve saved millions of lives.”

Or: Trump doesn’t run with Kennedy, Trump wins, and appoints Kennedy head of the FDA.

Kennedy brings in an army of investigators, uncovers thousands of capital crimes that have been committed at the agency, over a period of decades… BUT among these is the authorization of the COVID kill shots. Warp Speed Trump sends Kennedy to Mongolia for 4 years to explore the medical benefits of an ancient shrub.

Or: Trump wins and appoints Kennedy to the post of Attorney General. Kennedy casts a cold eye at the FDA, rips that agency for authorizing the COVID shots…and he’s sent to Mongolia to document their innovations in prosecuting thieves who steal blankets.

I know Kennedy is the secret heartthrob of a few hundred thousand conservative and liberal soccer moms who want to sleep with him or marry him, who are living in a fantasy bubble, but Kennedy and Warp Trump aren’t going to work out together.

Unless Kennedy develops selective amnesia about his years exposing vaccine damage.

As a Presidential candidate, Kennedy is going to come in far behind the Democrat and the Republican front runners. He isn’t going to experience a shocking surge of voters that puts him near the top. I mentioned this obvious point months ago. All his ardent supporters are living in their own fantasy bubble.

The issue that made Kennedy famous and revered in recent years is VACCINES. All vaccines. That’s an issue which is realer than real and devastating to the lives of people all over the country.

Soon after Kennedy announced his candidacy, I published several pieces and did a podcast in which I said—RUN ON VACCINES ALONE, MAKE THAT YOUR ONLY ISSUE. TOUR THE COUNTRY FROM END TO END AND EXPOSE VACCINE HORRORS. (*)

Get a bus. Just like Children’s Health Defense has. Go from town to town and let people who’ve been severely maimed, whose children have been destroyed, tell their stories. Put these people on live stream to the country EVERY DAY.

Not because it’s good for your candidacy, but because it’s the right thing to do.

Let’s look at the facts. Because of his name, Kennedy is famous. During a campaign season, the American people pay more attention than usual, as candidates talk about vital issues. So Kennedy becomes more famous. But has no chance of winning. He’s almost what you could call a vanity candidate. So why should he spread himself thin trying to be all things to all people on all issues? He, Kennedy, is living in HIS fantasy bubble.

If he could climb out of that bubble, he’d see he has an opening: he can hammer and pound, every day, live stream, on one thing: vaccines. He can rip a giant hole in the medical tyranny which is destroying millions of lives. He can expose the press and the government as they keep trying to maintain a lid on this horrific reality.

But no. He has to deliver a performance as “the statesman who will restore civility and rationality to public discourse in this country.” How is that working out? Look around you.

A whole bunch (a few hundred thousand?) of old-time Democrats and civil rights activists are buoyed by Kennedy’s campaign. These men and women, in their 70s, are warmed by his words. He makes them remember days gone by, when they truly felt alive. Yes? So? How warm will they feel when he falls woefully short on Election night?

Another fantasy bubble.

And you know what? If you really look at these bubbles, you see they’re standard. That means they’re expected. People always fall into them. It’s as if we’re casting for a stage play, a big one. “OK, all of you will do the heartthrob women who want to have sex with him. And you big time supporters—you’ll delude yourselves into thinking he can actually win. And all you old timers who used to protest in the streets for a good reason, you’ll be lit on fire by him reminding you of a leader, 60 years ago. And you, Mr. Candidate, you’ll pretend you have a ghost of a chance in the election, and you’ll campaign on 35 different issues…

These bubbles distort further and further into stereotypes. They’re basically baloney. People keep falling for them.

Whereas, Kennedy could blast giant gaping holes in all of them, if he dared to do something very DIFFERENT.

Which is exactly what I described above.



Day after day, month after month, on live stream to the nation, in person on a country tour in town after town, EXPOSE the terrible truth about vaccines maiming and killing adults and children. Just that. Only that. Come hell or high water. No matter what. Bully pulpit. Relentless.

Reporter: Mr. Kennedy, what about Israel? What about climate change?

Kennedy: Someday I may have comments on those issues. But for the whole of this campaign, I’m talking about vaccines. Just vaccines. Come over here with me. I want to introduce you to a boy who is surviving on machines attached to his body. Right now. You’ll see those machines. His brain was mangled by a vaccine. His mother is there. You can meet her, too. She’ll tell about everything she’s been through, trying to keep her son alive. By the way, we’re on live stream to the world right now. You, me, the boy, his mother. And the truth. The truth about what vaccines are doing to millions of people…

Every day, every month. Relentless.

No more fucking bubbles.

— Jon Rappoport


“Maybe Bob Kennedy needs to cut his losses and JUST DO THIS” (May 3, 2023) (click here)

“Robert Kennedy keeps fumbling, mumbling, and steering clear of vital issues; I kept saying he should be a one-issue candidate: poisonous killer VACCINES; that’s where he’s effective; that’s where he’s done great work” (December 29, 2023) (click here)

“Podcast: What Is Robert Kennedy Really Doing? Is his Presidential campaign on the level, or is it just an illusion?” (July 10, 2023) (click here)


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