Shot Dead: the movie they don’t want you to see | Video plus transcript

Shot Dead: the movie they don’t want you to see | Video plus transcript

Shot Dead: the movie they don’t want you to see | Video plus transcript

Hear from grieving families who were brave enough to speak up and admit that the shot killed their children.

Video Source: We The Patriots USA

Hear from grieving families who were brave enough to speak up and admit that the shot killed their children. Plus you’ll hear from medical experts who explain how the shot caused their deaths, and why there is a dramatic increase in stillbirths and all-cause mortality. (See the transcript below.)

Note from the filmmakers:

This is the movie we wish we didn’t have to make. But this is a movie everyone needs to see. For the first time ever, hear the stories of COVID-19 deaths as told by the parents who lost their children.

Hear from the families brave enough to speak up and admit that the shot killed their children. Hear from the ones who have refused to keep quiet. We all know that many have sold out to pharma, denying that their loved ones were hurt or killed by the shots. But no amount of money or threats can keep these parents from speaking the truth in honor of their children…so this doesn’t happen to one more child.

A We The Patriots USA Original Production
Produced and Directed by Teryn Gregson

Filmed and Edited by Jason and Avery Kabrich of Not Sheep Media

The full film is now available HERE to share widely. This unique film chronicles the deaths of Trista Martin, Ernesto Ramierez Jr, & Naomi White through the voices of their loving families. We hope this film empowers viewers to refuse the deadly c0vid v@ccine & question whether the entire child and adult schedule is necessary, wise, & worth the risk.


CLN Editor Note: There is no guarantee that this transcript is 100% accurate. I did my best.

Taylor Martin – mother of 18-year-old Trista Martin, who died 3 months after getting the Pfizer shot:

This is her room, how she left it. She had her own style they call grandma sheik, with her quilts and all of her everything. After she passed we found her bucket list under her bed that she made when she was 16. And she’s been keeping track of it for two years. It’s pretty amazing – most of the things on here are not even for her. She wanted to be a mother; she wanted to adopt a teenager because she knew that teenagers didn’t ever get adopted. And she wanted to be a foster parent… She was sixteen I guess when she made – it’s on this bucket list. There are 57 here [items on the list].  She wanted to go to a floating lantern festival. That is the ordering for her today – on her birthday… Growing up,  she was still so young. Today is her birthday.

Allen Martin – father of 18-year-old Trista Martin, who died 3 months after getting the Pfizer shot:

She would be 19 today.

Taylor Martin – mother of Trista Martin:

They kept pushing that it was safe and effective.


Anthony Fauci:

Did you go too quickly is the first. The answer to that is the speed was a reflection of extraordinary scientific advances and did not compromise safety nor did it compromise scientific integrity.

Taylor Martin – mother of Trista Martin:

Do it for grandma and grandpa.


We recommend taking the path of least risk. In this case that’s clearly vaccination. And don’t forget your child spends time around other people who are at higher risk, so vaccinating them does contribute to the safety of others -many of whom they love.


Allen Martin – father of Trista Martin:

She was getting ready to start college and she was worried about having to get a shot to be able to go to college.

Unknown college administrator:

We’re going to require that COVID-19 vaccine for the same reason that we’ve always required vaccinations of students, whether it’s for measles or mumps or meningitis, and it’s to keep the community safe.

Laurel Bellemore (Northeastern Nursing Student):

If it’s going to be more accessible to more people, I think why not? I mean it can’t do any harm.

Jonathan Bell (Northeastern Student):

Yeah, as soon as I can I’ll be like waiting on that CVS website to hit the button as soon as I’m eligible

Allen Martin – father of Trista Martin:

Everything else was telling her to get it, and she decided, you know really what’s the chances? What’s the chances? And she knows other people who’ve gotten it and they they seem fine, so why not?


Various people advocating for getting the jab:

You heard what on who’s podcast?

Is he a doctor? No? Scientist? No?

Can he name one ingredient in the vaccine?

Can he point to his gabella?

Get the vaccine.

Get the vaccine.

Just get the vaccine!

Roll the fu*k up and get the vaccine!

And tell your friend on Facebook to stick to jewelry.


Allen Martin – father of Trista Martin:

She listened to the BS. She listened to the safe and effective and it killed her.

Taylor Martin – mother of Trista Martin:

When she went to go get the shot she got some blood work done as well, which she told us about the blood work.

Allen Martin – father of Trista Martin:

She told us she was going for an annual check-up. She was an adult now; she wanted her own doctor and she wanted to go just to get a check up. And we said,  OK if that’s what you want to do, do it. So she went.

Taylor Martin – mother of Trista Martin:

And it all came back perfectly normal. So at the same time she got the shot, she got a clean bill of health.

Allen Martin – father of Trista Martin:

Throughout the end of the summer, she started having some issues with feeling lightheaded when she stood up. She was getting nauseous after she ate.

Taylor Martin – mother of Trista Martin:

Sleeping all the time. I mean anytime she wasn’t at work, she was sleeping and that was not like her.

Allen Martin – father of Trista Martin:

And she was starting to lose weight. But she had no problems before that, no pre-existing conditions, no comorbidities. She liked to jog around the neighborhood. She would go to the gym with her sister.

Taylor Martin – mother of Trista Martin:

She would take the dogs for a walk. She was pretty active.

Allen Martin – father of Trista Martin:

Had we known then what we know now, we probably could have done something. I don’t know.

Taylor Martin – mother of Trista Martin:

But we never thought about that because we didn’t know, you know, they suppressed all that – everywhere. We didn’t know that it was causing that, so we wouldn’t have thought that.

Allen Martin – father of Trista Martin:

We’ve since learned that those are all symptoms of heart damage, that her heart was getting damaged increasingly as time went by.


Dr. Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH (Internist, Cardiologist, Epidemiologist):

What the last three years have brought to cardiology has been almost a career’s worth of work of individuals, across an age spectrum, with new cardiovascular problems. I’m doctor Peter McCullough. I’m a practicing internist and cardiologist in the Dallas TX area. I’m witnessing in my practice today a tsunami of cardiovascular issues, and they include myocarditis or heart damage, and inflammation of the heart. All the regulatory agencies agree that vaccines cause myocarditis. There are over 200 peer-reviewed literature papers on both fatal and nonfatal myocarditis: acceleration of arthroscopic cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, and ischemic strokes, blood clots occurring in the arteries, the veins, blood clots in a whole variety of scenarios. And SARS-CoV-2, indeed, based on the peer-reviewed literature, promotes cardiovascular disease. All the elements that I’ve just outlined can be caused by SARS-CoV-2 infection.

Now, importantly, the risks with the infection are time-limited. An important paper by Xie and colleagues (Xie), from the US Veterans Administration system, demonstrated that after serious COVID-19 of which US veterans would be hospitalized, there is a risk period for heart attacks, strokes, and other cardiovascular events. It’s about six weeks. So six weeks after an infection that is the risk period of which the infection itself could provoke a cardiovascular event.


Allen Martin – father of Trista Martin:

It’s 112 days. From the day she got the shot to the day she died was 112 days – a little over three months.


Dr. Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH:

There’s been a series of papers published by lead author Jenna Schauer on pediatric vaccine-induced myocarditis (see HERE). And what we’ve learned, sadly, is it doesn’t go away in a matter of a few days or a few weeks. And for some unlucky children, the heart develops a permanent scar. So with a permanent scar, it’s possible, in the wrong conditions at the wrong time, everything lining up with a permanent scar, to get an abnormal heart rhythm, again a reentrant heart rhythm, ventricular tachycardia degenerates to ventricular fibrillation and death, and have a cardiac arrest.


Taylor Martin – mother of Trista Martin:

She actually was staying the night with her older sister and one of their friends and she woke up that morning and was complaining of not being able to breathe, and that her whole body hurts all over, everywhere. But she was a tough girl and so she said she was going to go lay back down and see if she could feel better. And then her sister went to check on her about 10 minutes later and she couldn’t get her to wake up. And then they called me and I made it over there, it was about 3 minutes and found she wasn’t breathing. And had to start CPR and call 911.


Dr. Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH:

So it turns out there are two periods of time when the human body gets a surge of adrenaline. One is during exercise. People know that because they can feel the adrenaline. There are three circulating catecholamines: dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine. The surge of those. But the other time where there’s a surge of catecholamines is in the waking cycle between 3:00 AM and 6:00 AM. We actually get a natural surge of adrenaline. That’s what wakes us up.


Allen Martin – father of Trista Martin:

I was getting dressed in the morning and I saw that I had missed several calls. So, I answered the phone and she said. “Allen, it’s Trista, it’s serious. They’re taking her to the hospital. Get to Saint Francis right now.” So, I did. I drove as fast as I could. There was a lady there waiting for me. They didn’t make me sign in. They didn’t ask me who I was there to see. She just said, “Are you dad?” I said, “Yeah, yeah I guess, yeah they call me that.” And she says, “Follow me.” And as we’re walking through the couple sets of double doors I remember thinking to myself this can’t be good. She asked me if I was Dad, didn’t make me sign in, and they already knew who I’m there to see.

Taylor Martin – mother of Trista Martin:

As they were moving her up to the ICU one of her friends said to us, “I think I need to tell you guys this. She got the COVID vaccine and she asked us not to tell you.”


Dr. Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH:

So now we have children taking the COVID-19 vaccine, some of them are developing a scar. In the Jenna Schauer paper, some of the scars in children are substantial, and they don’t always feel it. They don’t feel the symptoms when they take the vaccine. They’re suffering heart damage, they develop a myocardial scar.


Taylor Martin – mother of Trista Martin:

At the time, nothing really registered – like it was just you know, well…

Allen Martin – father of Trista Martin:

Yeah, it was like well that’s unfortunate. What’s the chance that this is what caused that? That’s kind of how we felt at first.

Taylor Martin – mother of Trista Martin:

We didn’t really put it together until a couple of weeks of research.

Allen Martin – father of Trista Martin:

Her toxicology came back clean. She tested negative for COVID. They had no idea what was going on. They said her heart was swollen, her organs were shutting down. I don’t believe that she was there anymore at that point. I believe she passed at the apartment.

Taylor Martin – mother of Trista Martin:

They were keeping her alive then with machines.

Allen Martin – father of Trista Martin:

It didn’t look like Trista. There was none of that bright…

Taylor Martin – mother of Trista Martin:

The light was gone.

Allen Martin – father of Trista Martin:

She was gray. I had a little checklist that I thought about in my head because I knew that it was over. And I remembered I wanted to hold her hand. I wanted to give her a hug. I wanted to kiss her on the forehead. And I wanted to smell the top of her head, because every time I kissed her, this is how I did it. And I wanted to do those things because I knew I’d never be able to get… sorry. They called her official time of death at 5:05 that day.


Dr. Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH:

An unlucky child will lose their life months after taking the vaccine due to a cardiac arrest, and the underlying pathology is vaccine-induced myocarditis and myocardial scar.

Allen Martin – father of Trista Martin:

The idea of, so we…

Taylor Martin – mother of Trista Martin:

Leaving that hospital without her…

Allen Martin – father of Trista Martin:

It felt, it was so weird. I don’t know, weird is not the word right word. It felt wrong.

Taylor Martin – mother of Trista Martin:

Your child’s laying there.

Allen Martin – father of Trista Martin:

You just leave. They just want you to leave.

Taylor Martin – mother of Trista Martin:

They just want you to leave her there.


Ernesto Ramirez – father of Ernesto Ramirez Jr., who died 5 days after getting the Pfizer shot:

When I got there, they wouldn’t let me on the ambulance. I said, “That’s my son.” They said I had to stay off the ambulance. So I followed the ambulance to the hospital. And they worked on him for a while. The doctor came out and just told me: “Your son’s dead. You can go home.” And, I got, I mean I went crazy. I grabbed the doctor, and threw him against the wall. The police officer was right there. And I just couldn’t, it wouldn’t register.


Allen Martin – father of Trista Martin:

It’s been five months, and the Oklahoma Medical Examiner’s office still hasn’t completed her autopsy.

Taylor Martin – mother of Trista Martin:

I kind of feel like we’re getting the runaround, honestly, from a lot of different agencies.

Allen Martin – father of Trista Martin:

I feel like we’re being purposefully kept in the dark on a lot of it.

Taylor Martin – mother of Trista Martin:

We’re going to Trista’s gravesite that right now is just a little medallion in the ground, as we’re waiting to be able to pay off her memorial because we’re waiting for the ME’s (Medical Examiner’s) report to be able to finalize the death certificate, to be able to have insurance pay. It sucks. I feel bad for all of her friends and everybody right now because there’s no…  I mean we have her ashes in our bedroom, but they don’t want to come bother us to to see her and spend time with her. She did have a lot of friends – a lot of really sweet friends.

Allen Martin – father of Trista Martin:

It’s horrendous what they’re doing.

Taylor Martin – mother of Trista Martin:

It’s criminal what they’re doing to everyone in every aspect of it.


Ernesto Ramirez – father of Ernesto Ramirez Jr:

They wouldn’t give me the autopsy report. They bounced me around from two different places and they kept saying you know, “oh I don’t have it, I sent it off.” “No, I haven’t received it yet.” Back and forth. So I I said you know what, I’m tired of arguing with you. I said I’m going to let an attorney talk to both of you. And, miracle of God, the next morning: “your autopsy is ready.” So I got it, picked it up, and doctor Peter McCullough reviewed it.


Dr. Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH:

I was fortunate to review the autopsy report. And in my interpretation (I have considerable experience in cardiac pathology and examination of hearts at the time of death), I believe the autopsy is conclusive for the cause of death being COVID-19 vaccine-induced myocarditis. He took a messenger RNA vaccine, which installs the genetic code for the lethal Wuhan spike protein. The spike protein has been found in the human heart. It causes inflammation, it causes tissue destruction, and it sets up a zone of abnormal conduction.


Ernesto Ramirez – father of Ernesto Ramirez Jr:

The day Junior was born he was held like this – like a loaf of bread. They told me, “Here, he’s yours; you take care of him” –  which I did. I mean I was proud. He made he made me proud all the time. Like I said, junior with my best friend. I never knew my father, so I don’t know what that father’s love is. I never had that male role in my life, and I swore my son’s not going to know what that feels like to not have their dad there.

When Pfizer came out and said it was safe for teenagers, I waited a little while. I took the Moderna, both shots, and I didn’t get reactions. That’s why I was OK because Pfizer said it’s safe. “You want to go get it?” “Sure Dad.” You know, like nothing. You know, kids don’t like shots but you know we’re living through with this COVID issue supposedly, we figured we’re protecting ourselves. They promised it would help us.

Five days later, my neighbor, junior best friend’s mom, she called me: “Mr. can I take the boys to eat and play basketball?” I said, “Yes ma’am. Of course.” She took him to the park. They got off the truck and took off running across the parking lot and he collapsed… right there. No nothing, no signs showing.


Dr. Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH:

In the case of young Ramirez, what we learned is that the heart was swollen. In the setting of myocarditis before COVID, our guidelines say they can never exercise. If there’s myocarditis or heart inflammation, there can be no exercise because the surge of adrenaline can stimulate the electricity to begin to have this abnormal conduction through the area of injury and circle back around. That’s called a reentrant arrhythmia ventricular tachycardia.

Ventricular tachycardia is very fast and in a young man like this, it could be tolerated for maybe a minute or so or less. It basically degenerates into ventricular fibrillation which is a near flatline rhythm, and unless promptly shocked at the VT or the VF stage, it’s over with. And the death, ultimately, is a flat-line death – a VT/VF asystolic death is considered a sudden arrhythmic death, a cardiac arrest, directly related to COVID-19 vaccine-induced myocarditis.


Ernesto Ramirez – father of Ernesto Ramirez Jr.:

Pfizer did murder my son. If I murder a child, I will be sitting in the penitentiary or I’m already in a trial.  Why aren’t these people in jail, locked up?


Dr. Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH:

Since his case, there have been a multitude of similar cases of death that’s occurred after COVID-19 vaccination that likely is fatal myocarditis. So importantly, the first case of fatal myocarditis was reported by Verma and Colleagues in 2021 in the New England Journal of Medicine after COVID-19 vaccination. If this happens how come it doesn’t happen to everyone? And that’s what we’re trying to study. We’re doing careful research, following the literature very carefully.

As we sit here today we are looking at billions of people, billions worldwide, who have been exposed to the virus or the vaccine or both. Now even if a small fraction of those individuals have a complication, a side effect, or a residual syndrome, that percentage (no matter how small) is a huge number of individuals.


Edward Dowd (former senior investment advisor at Blackrock):

There was a big shift from 2020 to 21 of excess mortality from old to young. So in 2020, it’s mostly old people. We also saw a big shift in disability, starting to rise in May of 21. The excess mortality has shifted, so much so, that it’s it’s pretty phenomenal what you see here in the charts before you. But what I find interesting and curious is this excess mortality continues, the disabilities continue, and our health authorities have no interest in trying to figure out what’s going on. There should be a national story in my mind. And then to end, Denmark and the UK have already stopped their vaccination program. Denmark under 50, they’ve now said no vaccine for anyone – they’d rather you get COVID. The Denmark data, if you look at that, that was a disaster in excess mortality. So they saw something clearly that our US health authority should be seeing as well. The UK stopped the vaccination for under 12. So my question senator is: why are our health authorities still pushing this vaccine if other countries are backing off?


Ernesto Ramirez – father of Ernesto Ramirez Jr:

I have a lot of people that make graphic designs for the trailer from all over, Canada and Australia, but it was just about junior. I said no, this trailer is not about just Junior. I said it’s about Junior and all the vaccine injured that we have because there are thousands of them. People look at the trailer and they’ll tell me that’s a lot of people. I said no it’s not. That’s not even the a little bit. I said there’s more. I said I would need 18-wheelers to put everyone’s picture on it. The thing is I don’t want to make the pictures too small. I wanted people to actually be able to see the faces of each person that’s on here.

My whole mission now, you know, is to bring awareness to all the families because I don’t want to get any emails and text messages anymore. I get them from all over the world. I think he would be proud of it. I mean I just picked it up last week and as soon as I walked to that side door, it was like a life-size picture. And I started crying because I could almost feel like I could hug them and I think he’d be proud of it. If I don’t do what I’m doing, I could hear him telling me, you know, you need to practice what you preach. So that’s what that’s why I have to keep doing this. You know, I have no choice.

It was about the first year, I was ready to give up. I didn’t think I was accomplishing anything. I didn’t think it was getting out there. And for some reason, I was going through my file box, and I found a Father’s Day card – my last Father’s Day card. And I just started crying for about probably about three or four hours on the couch. I figured that was his way of telling me to don’t give up, to keep on fighting. And that’s the same one I have on the back of my motorcycle. I figured well I found it, I gotta put it on my bike, you know, just to remind me why I’m doing this. I have to honor my son any way I can. I mean look at all the injuries and deaths they’ve caused and especially to babies, you know. That’s what I don’t understand.


Dr. James Thorp, MD, OBGYN (maternal fetal medicine specialist):

What I’ve seen that I think is a grave concern to me, over the last three years, is a myriad of very adverse obstetrical outcomes and adverse infertility issues. That’s what I’ve seen in my clinical practice. The risk of menstrual abnormalities is just unparalleled in my career and the risk of miscarriages. I started having very significant concerns after the rollout of the vaccine. That’s when I saw all my damages, death, and destruction.


Jeff White – grandfather of Naomi White who died 11 hours after birth:

It’s our little light angel, Naomi Lainey White. This right here is our family plot. Over there on the other side, that is where my grandmother and grandfather are. And this side is where my mom and dad are. I talked it over with my brother and sister, and they okayed having Naomi ‘s ashes buried about right here. We have a marker being worked on right now by a local fellow here in town that he’s going to come up and place for us – whenever everything’s ready.

Now there’s one one other reason to call this place very special. You know, especially when I’m working daylight on my job, I’ll stop up here and spend 5 or 10 minutes talking to, you know, talking to mom and dad saying hi… And now I  say Hi to Naomi.

Beautiful baby and she was perfect in every way except one – one terrible way.

Victoria (Tori) White – mother of Naomi White, who died 11 hours after birth:

I think I was exactly 39 weeks when she was born

Jeff White – grandfather of Naomi White:

For those 11 hours she was alive it was… it was terrible.


Victoria (Tori) White – mother of Naomi White:

At the time I was working at a nursing home, I think it was. They gave us a deadline for the COVID vaccine. So later that month I went and got the vaccine before the date was done, and that was my first trimester. And then I had to go for a second one two weeks later and had no idea of what I was in for. But they never like warned me or anything when I was getting my vaccine – just told me I could get it. So I got it just to keep my job.

And there’s a lot of stuff that was way different than Piper’s (her older daughter). The movements were different. I was in pain a lot compared to my first pregnancy. I went through such a normal pregnancy before and then after like couple years later I get pregnant again and I take this vaccine and it’s like totally different. Everything’s just different than it was before.

I was induced because my OB was working in two different locations and by the time he’d be back in town I’d be too far along in my pregnancy. So he decided to induce me early before he went out of town.

Right when she was done getting my IV, Naomi’s heart dropped… like the 40s. And it didn’t come up for 8 minutes. And they were changing me in different positions and trying to get me oxygen, trying to get me to breathe, and it just wasn’t coming up. And they said a C-section was optional but they didn’t think I needed it. So like the beginning of labor wasn’t like the greatest – like pretty much through the whole thing it wasn’t. It was just awful. It was just horrible.

So I managed just to like pull through like until it was time to push. And then I noticed that like a whole bunch of nurses were just looking at me and everything and they were starting to take my temperature and everything and putting oxygen on me and it just like seemed like nobody was talking. They wouldn’t tell me anything until she was born. And then from there it just went downhill.

She maybe cried one time. And after that like she laid there and I looked at her she was looking at me. And then like it’s like she kept turning purple and purple and just wasn’t getting enough oxygen. And they let me give her a kiss and they like took her away and said that oh she’ll be fine – she just needs oxygen and maybe some IV fluids.

I kinda knew when they put her in my arms there’s no chance. Her body was so heavy and her mouth was purple… It wasn’t fun. This is not what I wanted for her.  I held her for like right when they were pulling the plug and that was it – that’s the last time I saw her.


Dr. James Thorp, MD, OBGYN (maternal fetal medicine specialist):

I’m a board-certified obstetrician, gynecologist, and board-certified maternal fetal medicine physician. I’ve seen way over 26,000 patients just in the last four years or so and I’ve been doing this for 44 years now. There’s no question that fetal malformations have increased.


Rhonda White – grandmother of Naomi White:

She had two brain bleeds but we have no clue where they came from.

Jeff White – grandfather of Naomi White:

She had little pustules on her head that were weeping, weeping blood fluid. So there was that and the lack of gas exchange that caused her body to go acidic. She had one lung, only one lung was working – the other was completely collapsed. It was a diaphragmatic hernia that she had.


Dr. James Thorp, MD, OBGYN (maternal fetal medicine specialist):

I’ve spoken obviously with Tori, and we spoke a lot about the baby that she lost. And obviously it’s Naomi. It’s fresh you know – that it’s earlier this year. She tells me that the baby was diagnosed with a congenital diaphragmatic hernia after birth. Congenital diaphragmatic hernia is a very, very serious malformation – so serious that if it’s not identified prior to birth and mom delivers unprepared and unknowingly at a regular hospital, it’s pretty much, unfortunately, we’re going to lose that baby after birth. Because what happens is that every time that baby takes a breath then that gut migrates up there where the entire gut ends up being up here instead of down here in the abdomen, because there’s a hole in the diaphragm. Well, that will impart a very high lethal risk because all that bowel pushes that left lung over to the right side, pushes the heart of the right side, and the baby’s lungs won’t develop. And if you don’t fix that and you don’t prepare for that after birth, those babies will die. And there’s a high mortality rate.


Rhonda White – grandmother of Naomi White:

Her placenta was outside.

Victoria (Tori) White – mother of Naomi White:

It was like this big.

Rhonda White – grandmother of Naomi White:

It was the size of a baseball.


Dr. James Thorp, MD, OBGYN (maternal fetal medicine specialist):

The baby’s fine in the womb because the placenta breathes for the baby, the fetus, the preborn. But as soon as birth occurs and you clip that umbilical cord, then the baby can’t sustain oxygenation. And there was another problem that the baby was diagnosed with after birth, which appears to be a malformation of a short umbilical cord. As I recall the umbilical cord was only 10 centimeters and a umbilical cord should be like 30 centimeters at about that gestational age.

Rhonda White – grandmother of Naomi White:

And that’s why the hernia ripped more, when she was pushing it was pulling her back in. And then they was pulling and she was being sucked back. There’s just too much pressure.


Dr. James Thorp, MD, OBGYN (maternal fetal medicine specialist):

Is there any relationship with the vaccine? And I said absolutely yes. Anything, any vaccine like that that causes inflammation certainly has the potential of causing any malformation because it’s crucial to the development. Probably the foremost expert in the world, maternal fetal medicine doc, his name is Roberto Romero. He’s very brilliant researcher and he’s done research on inflammation and pregnancy for five decades. He’s a really, really remarkable investigative researcher. And his work on inflammation, which is even supported by the government, the NIH, any substance that causes inflammation in pregnancy, it’s a death knell to every organ system. It’s the most inflammatory substance that has in my experience has ever occurred in the history of human beings. And when that spike protein attaches to the ace receptor at the furin cleavage site, it causes severe inflammation – severe inflammation throughout the body. It’s devastating.


Victoria (Tori) White – mother of Naomi White:

Like earlier that night, there was another girl who had the same issue, but hers ended up surviving.

Rhonda White –  grandmother of Naomi White:

He told the baby’s daddy that they usually see one in 2500 and he had seen one in his whole career of 30 or 40 years. And he had seen three in the last month.


Dr. James Thorp, MD, OBGYN (maternal fetal medicine specialist):

Now that we can quantitate the amount of spike protein in those vaccinated compared with those unvaccinated who have had COVID-19 infection, it’s astronomical. It’s a billionfold increase in the levels of concentration. And that’s of spike protein after vaccination, compared with those just after COVID-19 infection. But now, when it changes your genetics to produce a foreign toxic protein for the rest of your life, that has a horrible adverse effect on the vascular system and on the development of the organs. And one could easily postulate that this could easily have caused Naomi’s malformation inside Tori.

Regarding the risk of a stillbirth, here’s a crucial question: did it go up in 2020? In 2020, when the vaccine was not out, was there an increase? There wasn’t a decrease in the number of births. Was there an increase in the rate of stillbirth in 2020? If COVID-19, in and of itself, did cause an increase in the stillbirth rate, then we should see it in 2020. What I saw was that I did not see obstetrical outcomes that were adverse in 2020.

I aggregated three years of data—2017, 2018, and 2019—not Jim Thorp’s data, not Peter McCullough’s data, not anybody else’s data. It’s your government’s data from Statista. And when I aggregated those three years—2017, 2018, and 2019—the stillbirth rate was 5.83 per thousand. So it’s a rate. It doesn’t change with changing numbers of births because it’s a birth rate. Well, what happened in 2020 when we had the greatest number of deaths in the United States of America and around the world from COVID-19? Did the stillbirth rate go up, did it stay the same, or did it go down? Well, it went down. It went from 5.83 per thousand down to 5.74 per thousand. So those are not Jim Thorp’s statistics; those are your government statistics.

We’re late for our stillbirth data from 2021. Why are we late? Or 2022? It’s not even reported. And, by the way, that’s the exact same rate that my whistleblower, Michelle Gershman, R.N., the postpartum nurse whistleblower from Fresno, CA, reported. She too had a fivefold increase. You’re looking at one to two stillbirths every two to three months even through 2020, and then the vaccines roll out, and it goes up to 29.3 fetal deaths per thousand. That’s a fivefold increase.


Michelle Gershman, R.N. (Fresno, CA):

Before March of 2021, we would have maybe one or two fetal demises every couple of months. And then after March of 2021 pretty much we started having one or two per week. My name is Michelle Gershman, and I’m a registered nurse in Fresno, CA. I’ve been an RN for six years. My first three years as a nurse, I worked as a cardiac nurse, and for the last three years I’ve worked on the postpartum floor, taking care of newborn babies and mothers that just delivered their babies. In March of 2021, around that time, we started having an increase in fetal demises, and a fetal demise is where a baby passes away inside the mother.

They were basically full-term, and it looked like a pattern was happening. These mothers would go to their doctor’s office while full term; they’d receive a COVID vaccine, and then within like one week, they’re delivering a dead baby. I kept seeing these fetal demises, I kept seeing these mothers with health problems, I kept seeing mothers with high blood pressure issues, bleeding from their eyes, blood clots coming out of them, like all these horrific things that you would only see in a horror movie, and this is like every time I come to work. Then I see these babies that are like having severe cases of jaundice, and they’re having respiratory issues, all these things that didn’t used to happen.

Then, in September of 2022, I came to work, and I checked my email, and I saw this horrific email, and I read it, and I was in complete disbelief. “Good evening, everyone. Well, it seems as though the increase of demise patients that we are seeing is going to continue. There were 22 demises in August of 2022, which ties the record number of demises in July of 2021, and so far in September, there have been seven, and it’s only the 8th day of the month. Now, these statistics include two hospitals in the Central Valley, so you haven’t seen all of them, and some of them also have gone through the emergency department or the operating rooms, but there have still been so many in our department. It’s a lot of work for you as the bedside RN, and it’s also a lot of work for me (the writer). Demises have taken a lot of my time away from the other groups of patients that I serve, so I hope this trend doesn’t continue indefinitely.”

And then, there’s more to this email, but it was basically saying, “Oh, because all these babies are dying, you guys need to learn how to handle a dead baby’s body.”

But it should have been, “Because these babies are dying, we should find out why they’re dying and get to the bottom of this, and the public should know, and people should be outraged.” That’s what it should have said. It got worse. So, during that email, we were seeing one to two per week, and in the last 12 months, it seems like there was one every day that I came to work. Two months ago, one of the nurses told me that there were eight in one day, and then three or four weeks before that, there were five in one day, so the number has increased. And then the health issues, moms are more critical too now.


Note from the filmmakers:

The California Department of Public Health’s Center for Health Statistics and Infomatics denied our request for Fresno’s Fetal Detat Data, stating they are “statutorily bound from releasing that data to the public.,” per the California Public Records Act. In many other states, fetal death data is available per public record online or via a Vital Statistics request.


Dr. James Thorp, MD, OBGYN (maternal fetal medicine specialist):

The data from Pfizer themselves, which Pfizer, and the CDC, and the FDA attempted to bury for 75 years – let’s talk about this data. OK, this was available February 28th, 2021. And the viewers, you can go look at it yourself. You won’t find it on the Google search engine because it’s hidden. They don’t want you to see this, but you will find it on any other search engine. Just go to Pfizer 5.3.6 (which you can download HERE), and then go to page 7. You’ll see in the first ten weeks of rollout, it was the deadliest drug ever known to man. I challenge anybody watching this, as I’ve done for the last two years, to show me another drug rollout that’s had more than 1,223 DEAD people after the vaccine. It doesn’t exist.

In 1976, when I was a medical student, and we rolled out the swine flu vaccine, 26 deaths, in that period – immediately ripped off the market. Rotavirus vaccine in 1999, 2000, nobody died, no children died from that. There were a dozen cases of telescoping of the body of the bowel, the so-called intussusception. It was immediately pulled off the market. What’s different now? The obstetrical data on page 12 of that Pfizer 5.3.6 document is horrible!

First of all, pregnant women were not even allowed to take this. In fact, they didn’t include pregnant women in any of their phase one, phase two, or phase three clinical trials. So, there were not supposed to be any pregnant women getting this on rollout, but there were, and here’s what they showed. There were 270 pregnant women, as you can see on the slide. They didn’t even follow up 238 of them. They didn’t even follow them up. Are you serious? They had miscarriages, and if you look at the ones that they did follow up, the miscarriage rate was 81%. There is a five-fold increase in the stillbirth rate. There is a 7.9-fold increase in neonatal death rate. There’s a 15.7% risk of adverse complications in the newborns breastfeeding after these mothers were vaccinated. You can’t make that up; you can’t change it. That’s what Pfizer’s own data said.


Jeff White – grandfather of Naomi White:

Yeah, it was just wrong on every level, everything, every level you could possibly imagine.

Victoria (Tori) White – mother of Naomi White:

I mean, if you knew that, if you followed pregnancies that ended up in miscarriages or stillborns and stuff like that, then why attempt to give more moms vaccines if you know that some people have lost their babies?

Jeff White – grandfather of Naomi White:

That three-letter word, why? Why? They just…


Dr. James Thorp, MD, OBGYN (maternal fetal medicine specialist):

This was a trillion-dollar cash cow ad infinitum, and that’s why they moved forward.

February 28th, 2021, that was the end of the 90-day rollout, and that was the deadliest drug with horrible obstetric outcomes. And this was… I had this data; the CDC had this data; HHS had this data. What did the HHS and CDC do?

$13 billion through a newly formed CCC (COVID-19 Community Corps), and they hired initial members, sponsors, 298 organizations, medical groups, and individuals who were high influencers, including the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. By a Freedom of Information Act request, at the American College of OBGYN, we got 1,400 pages; 50% were redacted. They took at least $11 million, and we documented that they signed an agreement that they were not allowed to deviate from the narrative of the HHS and CDC, and had they done so, they would have had to pay every penny back.


Jeff White – grandfather of Naomi White:

It was money, money, money; let’s get as many people jabbed as we possibly can. And, let’s hope the money was worth it. It cost her a sister, her a granddaughter, and her a daughter.


Ernesto Ramirez – father of Ernesto Ramirez Jr.:

I didn’t expect my son to pass before I did, so I filed with FEMA to help me bury my son. You know, I had no… I had nothing. In December 2021, I get another phone call; it was FEMA calling me; they needed more information. I said no, you don’t; you have everything you asked for. I said so, and you denied me, so just destroy that application, leave me alone. And they said they had me on the phone for over 45 minutes. “Mr Ramirez, if you could do this, if you could change your son’s death certificate so it says COVID, we can help you financially,” I said no. I said, “I will not disrespect my son like that. I will not… you know, falsify government documents for financial gain.” Then they call me just about every month. The last time I talked to him, they offered me $10,000 to $35,000. I said, “That’s nothing.” I said, “My son was my world; you’d have to give me the world doubled over, and then that’s still not going to be enough to keep me happy.” You know, because the only thing that is going to keep me happy is my son being next to me.


Allen Martin – father of Trista Martin:

She had no bad in her. I know a lot of people think their kid is, you know, the best kid, and they, um. But she was the best of me, the best of us.

Taylor Martin – mother of Trista Martin:

It is definitely a darker, darker world without her.


Dr. Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH:

The tsunami of misery, of acute respiratory infection, hospitalization, post-acute sequelae syndrome, sadly death, with the illness, and now the wave of vaccine injuries, disabilities, and deaths, has been crushing in terms of human despair. It has been overwhelming in terms of misery, and it has changed the course of people’s lives.

Remember, even the rarest side effect, the rarest side effect, is meaningful when a therapy or a vaccine is applied to a giant population. I think fortunately, with the advent of multidrug therapy to treat the syndromes, now advancements we’re making in injury syndromes, we have helped hundreds of millions of individuals.


Dr. James Thorp, MD, OBGYN (maternal fetal medicine specialist):

I think that we move forward. We talked about doing everything we can to try to mitigate potential injury, and potential damage, and potential fertility issues, which, no doubt, exist.

I’m here to tell you that number one, we’re not sure what you received in those vaccines. Nobody knows. It’s actually a DoD product, and we’re not allowed to look at it. We’re not allowed to look at and analyze these vials. But what we do know is that it does affect the immune system. So if we use specific immune naturopathic enhancing substances, like, for example, the vitamin D3 and K2 cream. And I prefer the cream. I think it’s a superior product than the oral, and get your vitamin D levels, you know… I put 10,000 units of that on your skin a day until we get your levels up to around 80. That’s very safe.

I encourage you to use zinc, you know, in a unit dosing preparation, either 30 to 50 milligrams. I would also encourage you to use vitamin C. I would encourage you to use a few drops of super-saturated iodine a day. Those are all very valuable. The melatonin has been helpful. Quercetin has been helpful.

But I would give you a lot of hope with those, with a tincture of time, and eating well, trying to stay away from highly processed foods, trying to keep your body as clean as possible. You know, no smoking, no alcohol.

It’s not pretty; it’s very upsetting. Fertility rates are down in every country in the world; it’s very disturbing. The all-cause mortality is up everywhere in the world; it’s very concerning, not just in the United States, not just Canada, not just Australia, not just New Zealand. It’s bad, but I have a lot of hope.


Victoria (Tori) White – mother of Naomi White:

I don’t know; I just hope nobody has to go through what I have to. I’m afraid the next time I get pregnant, it’s going to be the same thing over again, just something different.

Michelle Gershman, R.N. (Fresno, CA):

My hope is that the truth is going to come out, and I believe some people are waking up. And within time, I’m hoping that they realize, you know, that they didn’t do anything wrong, that they were poisoned. And I want them to demand answers. I want them to say things like, “Why didn’t you tell me that there was a possibility that I would lose my baby if I received this shot while pregnant?” You know, I really want them to demand answers. I want accountability from these doctors, and I want informed consent to be a true thing.


Allen Martin – father of Trista Martin:

It’s evil; it is nothing short of evil. I don’t know what else to call it, but these people need to be stopped.

Taylor Martin – mother of Trista Martin:

They need to be held accountable. They need to not be able to do this. I don’t understand how everybody is just sitting back and letting them do this. I can’t wrap my head around it.


Dr. Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH:

By the time the vaccines were advanced towards children, we knew that the vaccines caused myocarditis. The FDA had already had meetings in June of 2021, and declared the vaccines cause myocarditis. The peak age we found out was 18 to 24, but there was a tail of myocarditis that occurred clearly in the teenage years.

The CDC has an advisory panel that advises nationally, advises our country on what vaccines children should take; it’s called ACIP (ACIP). And in an unprecedented and shocking move, ACIP approved the messenger RNA vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna) to be installed into the childhood vaccine schedule. (See HERE).

Now, all the prior vaccines had to go through development, full FDA licensure, approval, and testing, and they had to have, at the time they were introduced, they had to have some medical necessity, clinical indication, and have some track record on safety and efficacy to ever even get put on the vaccine schedule. But the COVID-19 vaccines were not fully FDA approved, not licensed; they’re under emergency use authorization.

Their genetic mechanism of action would be the first genetic shot that a child would ever receive. There was no assurances on short or long-term safety. In fact, the childhood studies relied on antibodies, surrogate endpoints, what’s called immuno-bridging studies, and the diagnostic division of the FDA advised doctors to not rely on antibodies as an indicator of immunity (see HERE), yet the FDA vaccine division relied on antibodies as endpoints in clinical trials.


Ernesto Ramirez – father of Ernesto Ramirez Jr.:

We need more people to stand up. It’s what we need, whether it affected your family or not, because eventually, it’s going to. And don’t come to me later and say, “I’m sorry, I should have listened to you.” No, I’m telling you now. I said because I don’t have to be here. I could tell you, you need to worry about your own, and I can keep on trying to live a normal life, but I’m not like that. I never taught my son to be like that.


Poem by Maya Godsey (Trista’s sister):

Sweet little butterfly, please never go,

Sweet little butterfly, I want you to know

Everything you touch and every place you fly

Will flourish and prosper.

Please don’t say goodbye.

I wonder if you leave, what will I do?

It’s a sad thought, but I already knew

Life will darken, and light will stop,

Like climbing a mountain and never reaching the top.

Sweet little butterfly, who took you away?

They must not have known I needed you to stay.

I cry and I plead, but I already know,

Wherever you are now, they won’t let you go.

I can’t be selfish; you weren’t mine to keep,

In the arms of our fathers where you now sleep.

I know you’re OK, I know you’re alright,

But I’m scared of the dark, and you’re my light,

Sweet little butterfly. I know that someday

I’ll see you again, and you’ll ask me to stay.

I hope that you fly me around to let me see

The new world you brought your light to;

That’s where I should be.

Sweet little butterfly,

You’ve grown into something pure, bright;

You’re an Angel now,

And we are still living in your light.


 Dr. Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH:

A recent Kaiser Family Foundation survey demonstrated that parents are backing away from the entire childhood schedule completely, saying, listen, if they’re going to install this in the schedule, if this is the same group that used their judgment to install the other vaccines on the schedule, and the vaccine (the committee, by the way, voted unanimously that they should be on the schedule) – if this is the same committee, their judgment is being questioned for all the other vaccines. And I can tell you, as a practicing Dr., I previously never questioned the vaccines, I never did.

A child today, with this ACIP schedule, which continues to build, nothing drops off it; just more shots are added – a child today before COVID faced 72 injections, 16 different diseases. And now, with COVID, it’s 17 diseases and now over 100 shots, and more keep getting added. Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) just approved.


Dr. James Thorp, MD, OBGYN (maternal fetal medicine specialist):

What I find really disturbing and reprehensible that I saw on the records was very, very disturbing to me. Why a baby that’s dying, doesn’t have lungs; it’s dying of severe respiratory acidosis, severe lack of oxygen. Why would you give that baby, I think I saw a hepatitis B vaccine in that chart? Seriously, you gotta be kidding me. Why would you give a hepatitis B vaccine in a baby that’s dying? You know, what are you doing adding insult to injury?

I mean, first of all, you don’t vaccinate, you shouldn’t ever vaccinate people that are sick because they’re much more likely to have… that’s vaccine one-on-one. Everybody knows that. Why would they give any baby a hepatitis B vaccine? Babies aren’t sexually active; they’re not at risk. Why would you give it at such a vulnerable time of one’s life.


Michelle Gershman, R.N. (Fresno, CA):

Does it surprise me? I don’t know if I’m surprised. I feel like that’s horrific, but I’m not surprised that these nurses are just doing what’s on their checklist because they even want us to give the hepatitis B vaccine in the first 12 hours, but that’s horrific. There’s no reason for it. And so the hepatitis B has aluminum in it, it has formaldehyde, some of these shots have aborted fetal tissues in them.


Dr. Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH:

And what we’re learning there is that the ASIP panel, just like they did with the COVID-19 vaccines, they’ve actually had a blind eye towards the safety of the original childhood schedules. Very important, a blind eye to safety. A parent must, with no pressure, coercion, or threat of reprisal, must be able to choose whether to administer a vaccine or not administer a vaccine when death has been a reported side effect of any routine vaccine. And I’m telling you, it’s been reported for the vaccines in the routine vaccine schedule, and it’s even worse with the multiplicity of vaccines – when the vaccines are bundled together.

And so now, children, together, may face an unbelievable assembly of vaccines. And we have to look at it as a population as a whole, that if death is possible, which is clearly possible after the agents on the routine schedule, we must have risk mitigation – that is steps in place to make sure it doesn’t happen again. And two, we must have freedom, unfettered freedom of parental choice in taking the vaccine. This is a really critical element if death is an outcome.


Ernesto Ramirez – father of Ernesto Ramirez Jr.:

Even if you don’t have kids, you have nephews, nieces, and or your grandchildren or anything, you know, you need to stand up for the kids because it takes everyone.


Michelle Gershman, R.N. (Fresno, CA):

To have to go home alone without your baby that you’ve just carried for nine months, and then to go home, and you don’t take your baby with you, that has to be the most heart-wrenching feelings in the world. And it’s happening by multiples, like it’s happening all over the nation.


Jeff White – grandfather of Naomi White:

We know what we’re going through, but, you know, we have no idea what that little baby went through: went through a living hell on Earth to get the heaven.


Allen Martin & Taylor Martin – parents of Trista Martin:

Number #57 on her bucket list was to attend a lantern festival, a floating lantern festival. So we’re making her, her very own, her floating latern festival. And we hope we get enough people to show up. We have a couple hundred of these things, and we’re going to, we’re going to try to release them, roughly at the same time, I think. And hopefully, everything goes well, but we just know that she’d love it. Yeah. Everyone’s gonna write a message to her on their lantern, and we’ll send those up, up to her.

Tonight is about a celebration for Tristan, missing her, loving her, but at the same time, we want to fight what killed her. We need to bring attention to what did this, and stop it from taking anyone else’s child. We don’t want anybody else to go through this. And Trista would be really mad at us if we didn’t try and save other children. All she wanted to do is help kids, so she would not want us to be quiet.


NOTE from the filmmakers:

On August 4, 2023 the Oklahoma Medical Examiner’s Office submitted its report to the Martins, stating that Trista had acute respiratory failure, acute pulmonary edema, small pulmonary emboli, suspected aspiration, acute renal failure, acute encephalopathy, cardiac rights ventricular failure, circulatory shock, acidosis, coagulopathy, acute blood loss anemia, bowel ischemia, elevated thyroid stimulating hormone, hypoproteinemia, hypokalemia, hypernatremia, transaminitis, and hyperglycemia. Post-hospital analysis also revealed cerebral edema, heavy lungs, early myocardial infarction, and gastrointestinal hemorrhage… Concluding that the official cause of death was “undetermined.”

CLN Editor Note: The last scene is of the Martins and friends of Trista launching their floating lanterns into the darkness, while the inspirational song “Fight For You” by Five Times August plays. Who will YOU fight for?

Note from the filmmakers:

On October 23, 2023, just days before the release of this film, We The Patriots USA broke the news that it intends to file litigation against Pfizer for its failure to disclose the presence of contaminants in the shots to the regulatory authorities, or the public, in seeking emergency use authorization. The Martins and Ernest Ramirez have already agreed to be the plaintiffs.

CLN Editor Note: The film concludes with a touching tribute featuring photos of Trista, Ernesto Jr., and Naomi, commemorating their lives and the profound impact of their untimely passing. Globally, thousands upon thousands of families are mourning losses (including stillbirths) due to the vaccine. Echoing Ernesto Sr.’s words: “Even if you don’t have kids, you have nephews, nieces, and or your grandchildren or anything, you know, you need to stand up for the kids because it takes everyone.”

FINAL Note from the filmmakers:

We The Patriots USA is asking for your help to stand up for these children, and so many others who have been… SHOT DEAD. Join the fight to get justice for the victims by making a donation by visiting

CLN Editor Note: Halting the depopulation agenda is of paramount importance, even beyond the pursuit of justice. Taylor Martin expressed disbelief at the lack of action, stating, “I don’t understand how everybody is just sitting back and letting them do this.” There is a vital role for YOU to play: disseminate this video to your acquaintances, particularly to those who remain oblivious or indifferent. Request that they view it, considering it a personal favor.

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