Dennis Kucinich, you’re Robert Kennedy’s campaign advisor, and you can’t find your ass with both hands

Dennis Kucinich, you’re Robert Kennedy’s campaign advisor, and you can’t find your ass with both hands

Dennis Kucinich, you’re Robert Kennedy’s campaign advisor, and you can’t find your ass with both hands

 Read and learn, Dennis; THIS is what you need to do YESTERDAY


Dennis: If Eskimos were buying snow and you went to the North Pole, you couldn’t find any snow.

I’m talking about making an IMPACT on the American people NOW that yanks them out of their chairs and sets their hair on fire.

The strategy of making Kennedy a statesman, a man for all seasons on all issues, is a duck swimming around in a little pool in the backyard. No juice. No electricity. No good.

Now listen up.

Right now, Children’s Health Defense has a touring bus in New England. Polly and the crew are broadcasting the DEVASTATING stories, up close and personal, of people whose lives and jobs and health were destroyed by the COVID vaccine and the mandates. GET KENNEDY ON THAT FRIGGIN’ BUS. TALKING TO THOSE PEOPLE.

Bob knows all about it. He knows the vaccine story chapter and verse. Don’t put him on the bus for a photo op. Have him sit there for hours talking to people from all walks of life—unearthing their real life stories that the press and the government have been keeping from The People.

KENNEDY STAYS ON THAT BUS FOR A MONTH. He sleeps on it. He LIVE STREAMS from it every day. Come on, Kucinich, wake up.

There is the truth, and then there is the truth with IMPACT.

Don’t shy away from the horrors of reality. Bury your candidate’s nose in it, and then he’ll force America to see it and feel it.

And get that bus into New York and California, the heart of the vaccine predators. And DC while you’re at it. The damaged people always show up. They show up out of the woodwork, with their LIVING TRUTH. Their stories of what actually happened to them.

How they were driven from their jobs and forced into poverty because they wouldn’t take the vaccine. How they DID take the vaxx, in order to keep their jobs and support their families—and THEN suffered HORRIFIC injuries from the injection. How their children DIED from the shot. How they believed Fauci and Trump and Biden and the New York Times, and how that put them in comas and wheelchairs. Show them in those wheelchairs NOW. For God sakes, do you UNDERSTAND?! We’re talking about war crimes against The People! Ongoing crimes.

Your man, Kennedy, has to be the Nuremburg prosecutor.

THIS is reality. Have Kennedy MAKE IT REAL. Relentlessly. Stop screwing around with Kennedy the statesman who has answers for every problem, and has promises about what he’s going to do when he’s (NOT) the President.

That’s old school, and it’s dead. As dead as you’ve been these past few months as campaign advisor.

You put Kennedy on that bus, day after day, week after week, and he’s going to be live streaming to millions of people. He’s going to get his revenge against the predators who’ve been slamming him every day in the press and censoring him. He’s going to get that revenge BIG-TIME.

KENNEDY: “You think I was bullshitting you? You think I was spinning lies and conspiracy theories. Well, take a good look at THIS.”



The arena of your candidate, Dennis, isn’t the UN General Assembly or Face the Nation or some other podium where he waxes eloquent about what America needs now. That sounds good, hypothetically. But it’s a loser. It’s a total loser.

After Kennedy goes nowhere in the election, all his adoring followers can shed a few tears and spend a few days drowning in nostalgia and what-could-have-been. We don’t need more of that useless crap. We’ve had our fill.

Kennedy is facing: What can he do NOW to pull the American people out of their haze? What fires can he ignite in their minds?

You and Kennedy are in danger of both standing on a soap box and disappearing from the scene; fading out like two ghosts from a bygone era. You think you’re being tough guys. But that’s an illusion.


And after a month or so on it, when he’s launched a real shit-storm in this country—which is sorely needed—get back to me. I have other ideas.

Let me put it to you this way, Dennis. In the movie you’ve been directing, called The Presidential Campaign, you think you’re doing riveting close-ups of your candidate. But you’re delusional. Those are actually long shots, and they’re only conveying a landscape Kennedy’s choir already knows well. All in all, it amounts to a big yawn.

A true close-up is Kennedy exposing HORRENDOUS DAMAGE, by putting the damaged people themselves on the big screen. And getting them to tell the whole truth about what THEY’VE been suffering. In detail.


Now go to work. Kennedy doesn’t need an encouraging friendly hand on his shoulder. He’s a big boy. He needs a heavy boot in the ass.

Obviously, you need to be on that bus, too, Dennis. Because you don’t understand the COVID war crimes. And you don’t see the needed hurricane that will happen in America when Kennedy relaunches his campaign so it exposes the explosive truth.

Not through his statements. BUT IN CLOSE, WHERE IT REALLY COUNTS.

KENNEDY: “Now, for the next month, every day, I’m going to show you, America, the damage by showing you the damaged people TALKING TO YOU. THIS IS TRUTH. BUCKLE UP. HERE WE GO—”

R. E. A. L. I. T. Y.

Come fucking hell or high water.

— Jon Rappoport

Episode 51 of Rappoport Podcasts—“Fire In The Campaigns Of Presidential Candidates…or wet sparks; Kennedy, Vivek, and DeSantis need FAR MORE FIRE of a specific kind; What is a campaign season FOR?”—is now posted on my substack. It’s a blockbuster. To listen to this podcast, click here. To learn more about This Episode of Rappoport Podcasts, click here.

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