US Disabilities Project tracks changes in disabilities beginning in 2021

US Disabilities Project tracks changes in disabilities beginning in 2021

US Disabilities Project tracks changes in disabilities beginning in 2021

 We’ve have been telling readers about Ed Dowd’s book Cause Unknown for months. Dowd is a Founding Partner of Phinance Technologies.  One of their current Humanities Projects is to track and analyze the rates of disability since the rollout of the Covid vaccines in 2021. Below are links to their page with the six part analysis. We have been trying to “convince” the world that vaccines harmed our children for going on thirty years. At one time, we thought that the HPV vaccine would tip the scales of understanding. Surely teen girls and boys collapsing and suffering neurological damage would open eyes. Not so. Now, we have had the Covid mRNA vaccine rollout, pitting workers against companies, family against family, and so on. SIDS has become SADS. And so we wait to see the outcomes.  By the way, follow @DowdEdward on Twitter. His analysis of the current financial problems in the American economy is fantastic. And Happy Ides of March.


From Phinance Technologies Humanities Project:

How we see the world today

We live in a world where regulatory institutions are captured by financial and political interests, either unwilling or unable to get to the truth of the issues they set out to investigate and regulate on behalf of the individuals in society. Without unbiased and comprehensive research, there is a risk of misguided policy decisions at best, and at worst, negligence and malpractice. Never has this been more apparent than during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In this context, we need independent agents to act as gatekeepers of the public interest. We intend to be such agents, and to provide high-quality research to other individuals and institutions who seek similar outcomes.


We do this because we believe that by empowering individuals with the most accurate data and analysis, they will be in a better position to make decisions on political and personal issues affecting their wellbeing.

We are inspired by and adhere closely to the Malone doctrine, which can be downloaded here.

US Disabilities Project

Layout of the disability analysis

The analysis of disabilities is split into 5 parts that can be read independently but are related and complement each other. Each section is written in a different web page within which at the top the user can find the links to navigate to the other sections. The 5 parts are:

Part 1 – Overview of the Data.

This part provides the overall description of the data and shows the historical time series of disability rates for different population cohorts and age groups. It allows us to put in perspective the changes in disability rates, that started in 2021.

Part 2 – Rise in disabilities from 2021.

This part provides a detailed examination of the changes in disabilities that occurred from early 2021, which coincided with the vaccine rollouts.

Part 3 – Relationship with Vaccine uptake.

This part analyses the relationship between the rise in disabilities with the Covid-19 vaccine rollout.

Part 4 – Relationship with Excess Deaths.

This part investigates the relationship between excess mortality and the rise in disabilities that ocurred since early 2021. It also provides us with an estimate of how many disabilities occurred for each excess death, during the period.

Part 5 – Relationship with SAEs in mRNA clinical trials

This part investigates the relationship between Serious Adverse Events (SAEs) from the mRNA clinical trials with the rise in disabilities that ocurred since early 2021.

Part 6 – Relationship with Severe AEs in Pfizer vaccine clinical trial

This part investigates the relationship between Adverse Events (AEs) and Severe Adverse Events (Sev AEs) from the Pfizer clinical trial with the rise in disabilities that ocurred since early 2021.

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