The x-factor of energy healing. Trust

The x-factor of energy healing. Trust

The x-factor of energy healing. Trust

For the past couple of years, my greatest number of Reiki patients has been those with a variety of cancers. Having worked in the field of oncology as an RN for nearly 9 years I can tell you that not all cancers are the same. Not all cancers are treated with the same drugs. Even for those individuals who have the same cancer and may be treated with the same drugs, their bodies may react differently in terms of side effects.

By the time most people arrive at my door they are fairly beaten up from the process. Their anxieties are high, their threshold for nonsense is low, they are sick, some very sick and they want help, NOW!

Ivan the [not so] Terrible

One such patient was a scientist from Eastern Europe. Ivan had lived in the US for many years but his accent was very heavy as was/is my New England dialect, so our first meeting was a bit of a struggle to understand one another.

Initially I wasn’t sure if he was there to challenge me, analyzing each word with his brilliant scientific mind, ready to shoot down my explanations of energy medicine, or whether he was there in earnest, seeking help from an unfamiliar source. It turned out to be a little of both.

As I do with any person I meet with for the first time, I find out why they are there to see me. Did they come willingly or are they simply satisfying the request of a nagging relative or friend? What is their goal in working with me? What are their expectations? Are they grounded in a specific set of beliefs or are they open to new ideas and approaches?

Ivan felt there was too much talk and not enough action. I explained it was like a scientific experiment. I had steps to follow in order to produce the best outcome. Cooperation was the first step. He nodded and I proceeded.

A Good Place to Start

After a clear understanding that he was there because he wanted to come for anxiety issues and a strange rash, we agreed that the best place to start was with Reiki.

And then came the question, “So, why should I believe what you do will help me?” My response to Ivan was the same as it is to everyone else – you shouldn’t. I am not there to convince you my way is the right way. I politely ask that you experience the session first, and then decide for yourself if this is for you.

Ivan hopped up on the table and just as I was about to begin he said,” I want you to know something. I’ve had Reiki before and it did nothing for me!” He then immediately closed his eyes.

I guess this was to warn me or make me want to perform at the top of my game. Little did Ivan know that once I got going, the session was literally “out of my hands.” Source had the session under control. Within a very short time Ivan said, “Do you know your hands are very warm! It feels good, but they are very warm! This didn’t happen the last time!”

Upon completion of our session Ivan went on to explain that our session was nothing at all like his previous experience. He found it hard to describe. “I feel overall very good. What did you do? Why do I feel differently than the last time? I will be back!”

Ivan did return, 2 days later. His rash had completely disappeared. After using prescription creams, over-the-counter ointments, sprays and gels – none of them had worked by the way – he was truly amazed.

Trust Me, It Wasn’t Me…

“Please tell me, how did you do this?”  In all honesty I couldn’t answer the question as “I” didn’t do anything. I am the conduit. Yes, the rash was gone. Ivan was looking for clinical proof to explain it, which was something I couldn’t provide. In an attempt to satisfy his curiosity I went on to explain that during the session I balanced his chakras, those little energy centers that run through all of our bodies. When they are balanced our body can naturally reset itself and stress is reduced. If the root of that rash was stress then perhaps that is why.

This explanation was satisfactory to Ivan and he became a frequent flyer to “The Reiki Nurse.”

Things happen in life that are just inexplicable. Sometimes we just have to trust – trust that everything is as it should be, for whatever the reason.

By Julie Gray

Julie Gray is an RN and Reiki healer. A lifelong New Englander, she lives with her husband, the youngest of their two sons and their two basset hounds. She is passionate about enabling people to live their highest quality of life and has helped hundreds of patients cope with their diagnosis and work through their challenges with a holistic approach encompassing mind, body and spirit.  You can learn more about her at

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