The Unvaccinated

The Unvaccinated

The Unvaccinated

Unvaccinated Kids Thrive!

WATCH our documentary to learn about Sophia, Jake and Quinn, all 100% unvaccinated:

In this fifteen-minute family documentary we learn that Sophia, Jake and Quinn have reached milestones early, have excelled academically, are incredibly healthy and well balanced, and why their parents never vaccinated them. Watch in high resolution and full screen!

Vax Free Kids Are Healthy!

Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated Stories
By the time my Stop Mandatory Vaccination Facebook Group with over 200,000 parents in it was shut down in 2020 by Facebook for promoting vaccine truth to the masses I had read hundreds upon hundreds of firsthand accounts by parents in my group who said exactly the same thing about their vaccinated and unvaccinated children: Their unvaccinated kids reached milestones sooner, got sick less often, got over illness faster, were far healthier, and didn’t have chronic health ailments such as ear infections, asthma, seizures, eczema, autism, autoimmune conditions, and other health challenges like their vaccinated siblings did.

The CDC has refused to create a vaccinated vs unvaccinated health outcomes study because they know if they did and published its true findings, parents would immediately cease to vaccinate or never start. In the few small vaccinated vs unvaccinated studies that do exist, the outcomes are always the same: the unvaccinated are healthier in every possible way, every time. This is not a coincidence! This is science, actually.

Vaccines Do Not Work
Aggressively overstimulating the immune system with adjuvants in order to force a TH2 immune response (while ignoring the important TH1 immune response) to create antibodies to injected antigens does NOT create immunity – it simply creates an allergic reaction. This is why the vaccinated can and do get the disease they were vaccinated against and the way the vaccine industry handles this inconvenient truth is by blaming the unvaccinated to ensure corrupt politicians will mandate vaccines on the entire population (to eliminate the “control group”) rather than to admit they’ve been using a faulty medical process this entire time. Antibody production is NOT immunity!

History Shows Natural Immunity Is Superior
The original “vaccine” that stopped disease outbreaks and healed the sick was homeopathy, which was later inverted, perverted (via vaccine creation) and essentially outlawed in the early 1900s to make way for the allopathic industry. Cleaning up the sewage, refrigeration of food, elimination of child labor, homeopathy, and other factors contributed to the radical reduction in death from infections during the 20th century, not vaccines. In fact, death from measles, for example, declined 99.96% before that vaccine was introduced and death from measles has since actually gone up, not down, after mass vaccination. Those who get measles naturally wind up with lifelong immunity – something the vaccine can never do. It’s all a sham with nefarious undertones.

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Natural Immunity & Vaccine Questions?
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Together, we can help create a new generation of children, Unvaccinated Children, who are surely a Beacon of Hope for Humanity!

Larry Cook
Founder and Director

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