The Misinformation Million

The Misinformation Million

Originally published on: September 21st 2023

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A Report From The Global Institute For Truth

Executive Summary

Who We Are

The Global Institute For Truth (GIFT) is a planetary-wide alliance of over 150,000 journalists, scientists, and physicians, committed to disrupting the spread of lies and misinformation in media about healthcare. We are a coalition of concerned individuals who seek to educate the public about the dangers of corporate dominance of the medical industry, blind vaccine promotion, and the unfounded pretense that vaccination is the primary therapy for protecting humans from disease.

Motivated solely by the truth, GIFT maintains the highest standards of objectivity by having no affiliation with any government or the pharmaceutical industry, including their previous employees. We have no allegiances based on monetary or political influence.

Our irrefutable premise is that media, particularly news dissemination, has been colonized and exploited by powerful corporate forces that spread misinformation and instrumentalize hate.

The individuals and organizations involved in this charade are opportunistic, agile, and confident in exerting influence and persuading people. Over time these actors, advocating for diverse products and causes — from harmful denatured foods to pharmaceuticals with long lists of side effects — have dominated all forms of electronic media. Their trolling, misinformation, and skilled advocacy have impacted the world for the worse.

In a continuing gargantuan promotion of dangerous and unproven products, this invasive and unethical group disseminated fear about the degree of an unconfirmed pandemic — and subsequently indoctrinated the world with an idolization of an experimental flu vaccine.

Our work combines both analysis and active disruption of these players and networks through the distribution of written articles and reports. GIFT’s solutions seek to increase the economic, political, and social costs of all parts of the dangerous infrastructure — the actors, systems, and culture — that support and profit from disseminating misinformation.

This foundational report, the Misinformation Million, reveals the activities of the top individuals and the associated organizations responsible for the bulk of pro-vax content produced, published, and aired by news media.

The majority of the Misinformation Million continue to push refuted findings and violate all standards of truthfulness.

The misconduct of thousands of leading pro-vaxxers must not go unpunished. Nefarious or misdirected souls are responsible for hawking vaccines through the mainstream media when their benefit is negligible and risks are documented. Whether this is done out of intentional duplicity or extreme ignorance, the damage that they continue to do is staggering.

Our analysis of news content between February 2019 and September 2023 uncovers how a specialized, influential group of determined pro-vaxxers continues to be responsible for a tidal wave of misinformation.

We demand that every news outlet brings to an end this blatant propaganda by enforcing their claims to have balanced and truthful reporting.

Key findings

  • The number of key people disseminating vaccine misinformation — including celebrities, doctors, scientists, politicians, corporate leaders, and educators — is estimated at well over a million individuals.
  • This report specifically identifies only some of the leading representatives of the Misinformation Million; selected because of their high visibility and multiple appearances in news programs and productions with overt or subversive pro-vaccine content.
  • The Misinformation Million is a cadre of numerous influencers who act through institutions, government, media, and community involvement; disseminating misleading, false, and damaging information on a local, national, and global level.
  • Analysis of a representative sample of pro-vax content that aired or played on television and the internet reveals that the vast majority of content can be traced to the Misinformation Million.
  • Our sample of programming on mainstream media revealed misinformation was presented approximately 1,104,531 times over three years, between September 2019 and September 2023 with 99% of those contrivances attributable to the Misinformation Million.
  • Detailed analysis of most of these pro-vaccine broadcasts and articles found verifiably false statements initiated or presented by key members of the Misinformation Million listed in the appendix below.
  • In the last three months, with no sign of a pandemic or serious flu outbreak, our analysis of numerous broadcasts and news stories found pro-vax forces continued to heavily influence programming. This media content originates from the same leading Misinformation Million included in this report.
  • Networks and publishers are almost all compromised by paid advertising placed by the pharmaceutical industry; a clear conflict of interest in presenting or reporting the truth about the ineffectiveness and adverse reactions.
  • While some pro-vaxxers identified by GIFT have stopped promoting because of contracting COVID-19 despite numerous boosters — or sustaining vaccine injuries — most remain active through various media outlets.
  • GIFT‘s poll in January of 2022 on the effect of 1135 pro-vax newspapers, TV stations, and internet sites, found that the total number of US residents entranced by the deceitful rhetoric reached a peak of 192 million people.
  • Subsequent surveys revealed that by February of 2023, a majority of 332 million Americans had begun to question the validity of the Misinformation Million — and as of this date, increasing numbers are seeking more sound, unbiased information, indicating increasing distrust of mainstream news media.
  • Despite open admission of vaccine failure and damage — and the lack of extreme risk for healthy people from infectious disease — the Misinformation Million are openly preparing for another round of vaccine promotion as the winter of 2023 – 2024 approaches.

Factual Chronological Analysis

  • As an impending pandemic was hyped and fear was spread with images of dead and sick people around the globe, the grand promise of a warp-speed production of a panacea was hailed as a coming miracle by the Misinformation Million (MM).
  • When the COVID-19 vaccine arrived, the group provided rhetoric with exuberant promotion and advice to get the jab and take one for the teamThe damage and division caused by this unprecedented sales campaign is incalculable.
  • The friendly promotion of the COVID-19 vaccine eventually devolved to where the MM were repeating the flagrantly hostile and illogical truth: that the US was facing a pandemic of the unvaccinated, causing further division in all walks of life.
  • Knowing facts are dangerous to their cause, the MM attempted to silence anyone with views that competed with efforts to ensure that the only viable remedy was Big Pharma’s vaccine.
  • The vehement political repression and unwillingness to consider or discuss alternatives confirmed another success of the corporate capture of government agencies.
  • The single solution for the pandemic satisfied the requirement to keep the new mRNA vaccines in an experimental status, ensuring immunity from liability for the manufacturers.
  • The vast majority of severe cases and those dying had pre-existing conditions that made them vulnerable. Many who were counted as COVID-19 deaths died with COVID, rather than from COVID.
  • As the vaccine proved ineffective, the abject failure to prevent infection was defended by the MM; they attempted to describe the vaccinated who got ill as breakthrough cases, a deceptive term used in an attempt to hide the failure of the COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Ultimately, when it was clear vaccination was unable to stop transmission, the MM told the public another bold lie with unequaled pretense. They claimed the vaccine could diminish the severity of infection, while severe illness and death continued to remain a risk only to those with pre-existing conditions.
  • Claims of vaccine success are based on the false assertion that those who survived the disease did so because they were vaccinated.
  • Having no ethical bounds, the MM abused caregivers who offered relief for those infected by the virus, including deprecating the use of Ivermectin, which was gleefully condemned as a horse dewormer. The MM failed to mention that Ivermectin is internationally regarded as one of the safest and most effective treatments for COVID-19.
  • Even with a decrease in illness ascribed to the virus — and diminished faith in government and the pharmaceutical industry — the MM are preparing for their next offensive, supported by organizations determined to dominate healthcare and reduce medical autonomy.

Authorities And News Sources Must Reverse The Damage Done By The Misinformation Million

The public cannot make decisions about their health when they are constantly inundated by misleading advertising, misinformation, and false content. Challenging or removing the sources of misinformation — will allow television, print, and internet news to support individuals in making a truly informed choice about vaccines.

The best recourse to prevent harm and devastation by the MM is a continued campaign to expose their lies and the application of pressure on government representatives and news outlets to limit their destructive impact.

The vast majority of deceptive content continues to be spread by the Misinformation Million. Identifying the deceitful information and duplicitous motives of the most dangerous individuals and associated groups can significantly reduce the amount of harm being done by news sources.

Mainstream media must be pressured to follow up on their claims of objectivity with concrete action — and a willingness to ask tough questions.

The most effective and efficient way to stop the dissemination of harmful information is to recognize and challenge the most highly visible repeat offenders; those we designate the Misinformation Million. This effort also includes the organizations these individuals control or fund, as well as any associated institutions disguised as philanthropic — established to evade regulation.

Appendix: The Misinformation Million

The following profiles of key members of the Misinformation Million present a concise explanation for why they are identified as such by the Global Institute For Truth. These individuals continually violate standards and practices of sound analysis, reasonable discourse, or objective commentary — by obfuscating, manipulating, or fabricating the truth. They are directly responsible for repressive actions and continuing denial of the true impact of COVID-19 vaccine promotion.

Organizations and Institutions Behind The Misinformation Million

The following groups work in conjunction with the Misinformation Million, supporting and reinforcing their efforts to compel universal vaccination for COVID and other diseases. They are all instrumental in determining public health policy that benefits the pharmaceutical industry. These powerful bodies openly describe their operations and enthusiasm for continuing vaccination without any reference to respected experts who disagree with their perspective, intent, or impact.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of GreenMedInfo or its staff.

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Originally published on: September 21st 2023