Puberty blockers are incredibly dangerous drugs

Puberty blockers are incredibly dangerous drugs

Puberty blockers are incredibly dangerous drugs

 Exploring the Dark History of Hormone Blockers


MAR 17, 2024

Providing transgendered children “puberty blockers” is currently one of the most controversial areas in medicine (e.g., liberal colleagues of mine have publicly protested Republican state governments banning the practice).

What I find remarkable about this entire debate is how little knowledge exists about the safety of these drugs. For instance, when I’ve asked my liberal colleagues if they are aware of the dangers of these drugs, they genuinely share that they were not aware they had any clinically significant side effects.

Given that the hormonal blockers are amongst the most dangerous drugs on the market, I feel it is important to review all the people who have been harmed by them, and the scandalous 40 year saga that has allowed them to be unjustifiably used for a wide range of medical conditions.

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