Petition EN2991 – PCR cycle rates fully disclosed since start of use


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The PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) was invented by Kary Mullis Nobel Laureate. Its was to amplify a very small amount of material, so another process can test it. It’s a lab tool, it does not tell you are sick Mullis said many times. In 2007 in Dartmoor NH USA its use created a false epidemic of Whooping cough ( on record), But it has been chosen to be the main way we choose the test for the presence of Covid 19. For no errors max 15-17 cycles are used. Above this false positives occur. It cannot distinguish between a live virus and non-effective RNA. Most countries used 40-55 cycles, thus massive false positives ( saying the person is ill, when not) Even 28 cycles too many false positives. Why has the he Australian public been tested above 15-17 cycles. Why did governments use cycle rates that creates many false positives. Why was a lab tool, incorrectly used for disease diagnosis, when it was not designed for that purpose In Austria and and Portugal courts have ruled that the PCR is unlawful to determine use of lockdowns masks and restrictions.

Petition Request

We therefore ask the House to Give the Australian pubic full history of test rates used nationally. Have access to the rates on their test tests, and the further analysis done. If too many cycles used, businesses and people to be able to have legal redress Plus stop all use. Setup tribunal to indite on misuse.

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