Kamala says she’s ready to serve, if Joe can’t find his mind anymore

Kamala says she’s ready to serve, if Joe can’t find his mind anymore

Kamala says she’s ready to serve, if Joe can’t find his mind anymore

 But, what about her mind?




Kamala has puzzled me for a long time.

I know she’s capable of stringing meaningful sentences together. I’ve read some. But then she goes off talking tautologies and oatmeal and weird nonsense.

What the hell is going on? Is it as simple as: she’s smoking a tremendous amount of weed?

It’s possible this kind of conversation took place, at the beginning of her VP term, between her and, say, a CIA operative:

Let me ask you a question, Kamala. Are you capable of speaking incoherently?


Could you do it when required?

Well, sure. Lots of people could, I suppose.

Good. Would you be willing to?

My God, for what reason?

We’ll get to that later. For now, assume we want you to appear to be on the same level as Biden. Not smarter.

Oh, I see. Would I be willing to come across like a dope? What would I get out of it?

A couple of new homes. A Swiss bank account. That sort of thing.

How nice would the homes be?

We’ll crunch actual numbers later.

Is there an expiration date? I’m not willing to put on an act for the rest of my life.

This would be a four-year stint.

Right. But when I go on trips to foreign countries, I want to speak coherently. With their leaders.

No. We need to come across like an unhinged moron when you’re abroad.

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By Jon Rappoport

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