In the Hospital With COVID: ‘You Can Check In, but You Can Never Leave’

In the Hospital With COVID: ‘You Can Check In, but You Can Never Leave’

In a stunning video interview with a doctor treating COVID-19 patients, The Desert Review uncovers the secrets health officials and hospitals aren’t telling — and that is that “they are being held hostage and segregated from loved ones. And the reason is money.” 

“COVID patients in America’s hospitals today are actually being treated worse than prisoners in American jails,” Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet says. The very structure of how hospitals are reimbursed for COVID patients is what’s causing this, she says.

“They (the hospitals) are paid by the government to do a PCR test on every patient who walks in the door … Then they are paid extra for a COVID admission to the hospital. They are paid an extra 20% bonus on the entire hospital bill, if the hospital ONLY uses remdesivir to treat the patient. 

“And then if the patient goes on a ventilator, which is a consequence of some of the toxicity of remdesivir and the restriction of fluids and nutrients that they are also doing, and once the patient is on a ventilator there is ANOTHER incentive bonus to the hospitals. If the patient dies in the hospital, there is another incentive payment,” Vliet states. 

This video is over an hour long but it’s worth watching every minute. It could save your or a loved one’s life.


SOURCE: The Desert Review December 27, 2021

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Publish Date: 2021-12-28 19:06:29