Five ways to awaken your psychic powers

Five ways to awaken your psychic powers

Five ways to awaken your psychic powers

Psychic – still a controversial word that starts to be recognized and used all over the world with less and less limiting belief systems resisting it.
For most of the people that do not believe that they are psychic, there is good news.  There is a dormant psychic energy in all of us that awaits surfacing. Why dormant? Because it is not used.
We are tapping and unlocking more than ever the mysteries that our minds and universe has to offer.
Learning to tap into psychic reception area can be amazingly helpful in any creative thinking and become your own counselor, asses people, events, circumstances in our lives more effectively.

You find answers and guidance through challenges in life, seek Truth, find who you truly are, what your life purpose is, find more about past lives, future experiences, gain clarity and insight in any area of your life including health, relationships, answers regarding your carrier, spiritual path, enhance spiritual and personal development, spiritual guidance, develop as  a whole human being, being able to be in charge of your own LIFE.
Here are 5 tips on how to unleash your dormant psychic powers

1. Attitude of Success is MUST!
Behave like you are already psychic. And this is true. You are Psychic!!! All of us have this innate ability which requires exercise of spiritual and psychic faculties.  So now that you know that you are psychic behave like one.

It is important to expect success, and you will because the laws say if you keep practicing and stay focus on your success goals you will achieve them no matter what.

2. Ritual and Creation of Sacred Space

Ritual is very important in psychic work or any spiritual practice.
Do your ritual before you start your work and after you finish.  Create sacred space by invoking your guides, angels, helpers, teachers, God.  The session should always end to giving thanks to your guides, elements, visible and invisible helpers. Ask them to go on peace after you have ended the session. Also If you worked with someone, give thanks to them and their higher self and also make sure they leave the space in peace.

Deep relaxation is key to shift consciousness and enter altered states. Relaxation is the first thing you should master first, because without a relaxed mind we cannot move forward in increasing psychic powers. Do that until it becomes second nature.

4. Use Tools to Awaken the Dormant Psychic Powers

Tools are great to be used to increase and help in developing psychic awareness. They can give a boost in the right direction, increasing the speed and working through blockages.

Example of psychic tools: crystals and gemstones, orgone (life force generators), tarot cards, pendulum, meditation, breath work, yoga, being in the nature, chanting, drumming, being in the presence of high elevated psychic beings, etc.

Meditation is one of the most important tools

An untrained mind flies in all directions and created confusion to the self and others. Stability and control over mind can be achieved through meditation. Only then you can be clear, grounded and able to reach altered states of consciousness.

5. Journaling

Is one of the essential tools for psychic growth. Write down an answer before you go into your altered state including dream state and make sure you write down everything that you have experience during your travel, meditation, dream  etc:  words, symbols, draw pictures, smell, taste, anything that you have encountered during your travel session. These records are very useful for the future, to notice how much you have grown, what to improve, and can help in answering your questions.

By Lilly

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