Air passengers and aircrew beware! You could be breathing ‘toxic cabin air’.

Air passengers and aircrew beware! You could be breathing ‘toxic cabin air’.

Originally published on: September 4th 2017

Air passengers and aircrew beware! You could be breathing ‘toxic cabin air’.

Written by Angel Brain @ The Aerotoxic Team 

For anyone who is boarding an aircraft either for business or pleasure, there is important information regarding your health and safety we want you to know. 

As former senior air stewardesses, who after years of researching have found the reason for our ‘mysterious’ ill health and now know why we were medically grounded and forced to resign. 

We have been severely affected by ‘Aerotoxic Syndrome’ caused by inhalation of contaminated cabin air, from exposure to multiple ‘fume events’ and oil-smell/odour incidences on-board of our workplace, the aircraft. This contamination is caused by ‘bleed air’ and other fumes entering the aircraft cabin breathing air supply, directly from the aircraft engines and is laced with dangerous neurotoxic compounds. 

Our aim and the on-going campaign’s immediate goal is to raise public awareness, as well as provide information and help for air passengers and flight crew concerning the contaminated cabin air issue,  which has been known and hidden by the airline industry for over 60 years. 

Our mission is to see the condition ‘Aerotoxic Syndrome’ which is caused by inhalation and dermal poisoning, recognised globally as an occupational and environmental disease, respectively central nervous system and brain injury.  This has just been supported with yet another peer-reviewed academic document Aerotoxic Syndrome: A new occupational disease?

Written by Dr Susan Michaelis, Dr Jonathan Burdon and Dr C. Vyvyan Howard. Published by the World Health Organisation (WHO) gathering worldwide on-line reaches of close to three billion within days of its release.

Referring to that, many renowned newspapers and on-line portals worldwide have been reporting about ‘fume events’ affecting over 3.5 billion passengers and 0.5 million crew members per year.

How can you try to protect yourself and your loved ones?

Within the pages of our websites you will find daily updates, important health information and travel tips for all air passengers and aircrew, with a special section for those travelling with babies, children and whilst pregnant, who are particularly at a high risk in ‘fume events’. 

We highly recommend that all air passengers and aircrew at the very least wear a protective mask. Unless you are travelling on the Boeing Dreamliner 787. Which does not operate on a bleed air system. 

You can order your in-flight safety masks from our affiliate Cambridge Mask Co. Who offer a high quality pollution protection mask, based on tried and tested military graded technology. These are available in five sizes to suit all the family’s needs. 

You will receive our 10% discount at the Cambridge website checkout, by entering our unique code AEROMASK 

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Air passengers and aircrew beware! You could be breathing ‘toxic cabin air’.

Along with that information you will find on-line forms to report if you are in a ‘fume and odour event’. You can download the application International fume reporting form developed by former cabin crew Dallas McIntosh. Events should also be reported to the aviation authorities who usually have online reporting forms as well.                                             

There is also important and helpful documentation for consultants and general practitioners who often do not know what the problem is, or are at a loss how to help their patients. These forms will give them some information about the fumes you may have been exposed to in-flight and what to do if you have been affected. Info for ER doctors or GP.

Verified clinical testing is available including a new hair analysis for the detection of highly toxic compounds, such as a combination of specific organophosphates which are contained only in jet engine oils: read info here.


It is well known that ‘fume events’ are not always being reported and when they are, they are being downplayed by the airlines involved.  Passengers, especially frequent flyers can be seriously affected, just as the pilots and cabin crew who are in danger of serious occupational ill health, due to long-term regular exposure to toxic fumes.

A new ground-breaking study by ASHRAE scientists about the extent of the always present levels of dangerous nano-particle sized toxic air contamination, can be found here.

Inhaling contaminated breathing air in a confined space on the ground, during taxi and then at altitude containing known neurotoxins are devastating to the brain and central nervous system.       A serious health hazard for all and can cause irrevocable injury and ill-health effects.   

The effects of toxic air and ‘Aerotoxic Syndrome’ will continue to affect billions of air passengers and crew members worldwide, if the industry does not bring about the necessary changes needed for safe and toxic free flights. ‘Fume events’ are happening on flights every day worldwide. 

There are no filters, sensors or warning equipment on board to alert the flight deck or crew members that contaminated air is entering the cockpit or aircraft cabins. You will not be briefed as to what to do, or how to protect yourself in a ‘fume event’ in the pre-flight safety and emergency procedures.

If crew members are lucky enough to receive any medical assistance after being in a ‘fume event’, passengers are still being ignored. All souls are at risk on board an aircraft in a visible or non-visible ‘fume event’.  The medical boards and emergency services are struggling to deal with or understand the issue and we are working hard to educate and support those affected. There is an urgent need for a clearly defined internationally recognised medical protocol, as stated in the WHO report.

We have tragically lost so many already to ill-health, along with campaign members Captain Richard Westgate R.I.P. 2012. Captain David Hill R.I.P. 2016. Cabin crew Matthew Bass R.I.P. 2014.                Due to the effects of toxic fumes in aircrafts – many thousands are sick and not finding adequate help, or help is often being denied due to the lack of knowledge and recognition by the medical professions. Help us keep the one and only consultation clinic for toxic fume victims in Germany in service by signing here.

Call to Action. Use your passenger power! 

Three peaceful protest demonstrations have already taken place in Munich and Frankfurt in June and July this year. With petition signatures reaching over 85,000 people supported by The protests are organised by Aerotoxic victims, supporters and the union Ver.di who represent flight crew. 

The next peaceful demonstration will be held in Berlin September 4th 2017. 11.00am

Air passengers and aircrew beware! You could be breathing ‘toxic cabin air’.  Air passengers and aircrew beware! You could be breathing ‘toxic cabin air’.

Protestors calling for ‘Toxic free air on board aircrafts’.

If you are in the area you can participate in this demo for ‘Toxic free air on board aircrafts’.

All are welcome! Full event details can be found on our websites and Facebook pages.   

You can sign the new petition for Cabin Air Quality here.

The airline industry is still refusing to take responsibility for this issue, preferring to put profit before your health and safety. Denial of contaminated aircraft cabin air does not act as an immunity against it. Ignoring the issue will not make it disappear. Therefore it is down to the public and aircrew to keep up the necessary pressure on their political representatives and airlines to address the issue. You can write or email them and express your personal concerns. Charlie Bass, father of cabin crew Matt Bass R.I.P. Is assisting those in the UK to write to their local MP’s. You can find out more information about this @ Matt                                                                                                                                           Crawley MP Henry Smith is calling once again, for a Commons debate on aircraft cabin air poisoning at the Houses of Parliament in London. In the United States, Senator Richard Blumenthal has introduced a bill to protect flight crews and passengers. In Germany Markus Tressel MP and his party are also calling for investigations.                                                                                                                       

You pay for your airfare! And air tax.  It is your right to breathe safe ‘non-toxic air’. 

Air passengers and aircrew beware! You could be breathing ‘toxic cabin air’.

The International Aircraft Cabin Air Conference will be held in London 19th-20th September 2017. With ongoing concerns among aircrews and passengers about cabin air quality. The conference is the largest to focus on this issue to date. This is an opportunity to bring people together to learn about the flight safety and health related risks posed by engine bleed air, and to look at available, risk-mitigation solutions. Conference details and registration here.

Bearnairdine Beaumont’s book The Air I Breathe It’s Classified’, with 5 star Amazon reviews. Is a must for anyone who wants to know about a cause of serious ill health, Aerotoxic Syndrome.  Amazon link here.                               

The award winning documentary ‘Unfiltered Breathed In – The truth about Aerotoxic Syndrome’ by Director Tim Van Beveren. Featuring both protagonist’s Angel Brain and Bearnairdine Beaumont is available for you to watch on /Unfiltered Breathed In  or the DVD can be purchased from

You can join the campaign and add your voice to thousands speaking out and supporting this issue. Please share this vital information with your families, friends, fellow aircrew and local communities.

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EVERY FLIGHT IS A RISK! EVERY BREATH IS A DOSE! Nobody knows if and how badly they will or won’t be affected!

For further information on this very important issue, please visit our websites;                                                                             

Our crew member memorial pages founded by Dee Passon are Angel Fleet  (British Airways) and

Angel Fleet International  (all other International Airlines) supporting those who have lost their loved ones and colleagues.  

Our campaign is voluntary and we have self-funded for many years. Donations and sponsors are very much appreciated to help us fund our online portals, further our research and assist those affected. 

Please help us to further and fuel the campaign by making a DONATION  many thanks.

Wishing you a safe and ‘fumes free flight.

The Aerotoxic Team Global.

Air passengers and aircrew beware! You could be breathing ‘toxic cabin air’.

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Originally published on: September 4th 2017