After hearing this you won’t ever want to vaccinate yourself or your kids ever again

After hearing this you won’t ever want to vaccinate yourself or your kids ever again

After hearing this you won’t ever want to vaccinate yourself or your kids ever again


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About this interview:

Aaron Siri is the Managing Partner of Siri & Glimstad LLP and has extensive experience in a wide range of complex civil litigation matters, with a focus on civil rights related to mandated medicine, class actions, and complex civil litigation, including handling multi-billion-dollar disputes.

Siri & Glimstad LLP has over sixty professionals and robust practices in the areas of complex civil litigation, vaccine injury, vaccine exemptions, civil rights, immigration, multi-district litigations, and class actions.

Regarding vaccines, Mr. Siri has, for over a decade, practiced in the area of vaccine injury and policy, and related litigation, has been involved in numerous high-profile cases related to mandated medicine, including challenging mandates for air travel, companies with over 100 employees, and members of the air force and army, as well as suing the FDA for release of the documents it relied upon to license Pfizer and Moderna’s covid vaccines.

Aaron has also deposed numerous vaccinologists, infectious disease experts, and pediatricians about the safety and efficacy of various vaccines, including the world’s leading vaccinologist Stanley Plotkin.

Prior to Siri & Glimstad, Mr. Siri was a litigation attorney at Latham & Watkins and clerked for the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Israel. Mr. Siri earned his law degree at the University of California, Berkeley School of Law. Mr. Siri is regularly interviewed on national television for his expertise regarding various legal issues related to mandated medicine and has been published in numerous national print media outlets.

In this conversation we cover a whole range of topics regarding vaccines, and most people will be shocked to learn about the truth behind the vaccine industry and their products.

I truly doubt anyone will ever want to vaccinate themselves or their loved ones again.

Please share this as widely as possible. Let’s end this industry as soon as possible. For that I need your help to spread the word.

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