On the way to total globalist control

On the way to total globalist control

On the way to total globalist control

 – my response to the British Government Digital ID Consultation

By John Stone

British citizens should take every opportunity to respond the British government’s proposals to control them through Digital ID in a consultation which closes on Tuesday March 1. What is most essential is to respond in numbers to this latest attempted power grab, which is of course being ignored by legacy media. In case it may be of help I reproduce the answers I gave to their questionnaire – on occasion repeating paragraphs in answer to only slightly different questions:-

While data sharing could possibly facilitate service or benefits in some circumstances it could equally obstruct them. Governments should not be that deeply involved in citizens’ affairs. Information should not be shared across departments which for instance could be misused for political or personal ends. Moreover, we  already know  how the digitalisation of the banking sector ends up (1) with a much less sensitive service (2) unemployment  (3) cumulative damage to the high street (public service) and (4) fear of important data going missing or being stolen.

Data sharing is a bad idea: data can be misused or stolen for personal/institutional gain or political ends. Without public consultation or regard for sovereignty the government has formed partnerships with global bodies/bureaucracies like the WEF and the WHO. The government also apparently hopes to institute Central Digital Online Banking. None of these global institutions are publicly accountable in any way. The WEF, which has trans-humanist policies such as universal cranial implants (which have never been debated), have also warned of imminent global cyber-attacks. To create such systems which could so easily be attacked with data destroyed and stolen would be crazily imprudent.

Digital ID will never be a safe way of ensuring someone’s actual ID on its own. It must be backed up by traditional forms of ID or it will become an opportunity for limitless abuse. It will lead to services being more impersonal, harder to over-ride in the event of mistakes. Harder to prove real identity, and a more indifferent bureaucracy. 

Although a consultation is notionally taking place as usual it is being flown in under the radar. A data grab of this kind ought to be hugely controversial, a threat to individual liberty and an invasion of private space but the government has not promoted duly serious public discussion of it. It is very likely in conflict with existing law.


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By John Stone

UK Editor for Age of Autism

(Source: ageofautism.com; February 20, 2023; https://bit.ly/3KmDZsV)