New Zealand PM Insists COVID Jabs Were Voluntary

New Zealand PM Insists COVID Jabs Were Voluntary

New Zealanders who believe they were injured by a COVID vaccine they were mandated to take are now learning that the “mandates” weren’t really mandates, and that the choice they made to get the shots was just that — a choice.

And, because it was their choice to take or not take the vaccine, any potential compensation for injuries or job loss (if they chose not to take it) does not apply, according to New Zealand PM Chris Hipkins.

“In terms of the vaccine mandates, I acknowledge that it was a challenging time for people but they ultimately made their own choices,” Hipkins told news reporters. “There was no compulsory vaccination; people made their own choices.”

The comment set off a firestorm of angry critics who accused government officials of lying and trying to redefine the word “mandate.”



NEWS.COM.AU September 4, 2023


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