My brainwashed readers

My brainwashed readers

My brainwashed readers

 “The Committee will come to order. Ms Lolly, picking up from where we left off before lunch…”

Jon Rappoport

The Committee will come to order. Ms. Lolly, picking up from where we left off before lunch, if you are indeed confirmed to head up the NEW Government Disinformation Board, will you interview Mr. Rappoport’s substack readers?

I certainly will, Senator. Because we want to discover whether they are being influenced beyond their capacity to realize it.

Influenced in what way?

So many ways. For example, are they being covertly programmed to believe the COVID vaccines are destructive?

You think this is the case?

Beyond a shadow of doubt. The readers are at the mercy of Mr. Rappoport. Their free will has been stripped from them.


Rappoport constructs fictional dialogues slanted to his own nefarious purposes. He even populates the “conversations” with famous figures. On a whim, he’ll have an eminent doctor admit to a heinous crime. That sort of thing. It’s incitement, if not actual insurrection.

And you believe Rappoport’s readers are helpless in the face of his onslaught?

I do.

In any of these “dialogues,” has he characterized you?

I’m investigating that now. I believe so.

What words might he have put in your mouth?

He would have me imply I’m nothing more than a crazy woman bent on censoring anything that moves.

Are you?

Of course not. My job is to protect his readers, and the State. You see, once free from his grasp, those readers will be able to resume their ordinary lives again.

And they would thank you for your service?

I’m not looking for thanks. I just want to do my work. I’m a patriot. Rappoport has built up a loyal following of mind-controlled soldiers. I want to disband that army.

How can you succeed?

The simplest way is by canceling Rappoport. Once he’s out of the picture, his effect will gradually wear off. His readers will come to their senses.

Let’s see, Ms. Lolly. You started off saying you wanted to question Rappoport’s readers to see whether he’s had an undue influence on them. Then you said he definitely does exert that influence. Now you’re saying you want to cancel him outright. Don’t you think you’re getting ahead of yourself?

I’m a zealous advocate for the truth, Senator. My passion leads me. We can’t waste time. Disinformation is everywhere these days. The State must clamp down before we find ourselves deep-sixed by massive rebellion.

Suppose Mr. Rappoport recants many of his assertions, apologizes, and asks for forgiveness. Will that do?

He’s already done that, sir. Let me read you his statement: “I’m down on my fucking knees to the State. I beg for mercy. Every single statement I’ve made in public for the past 20 years is a lie. The truth is, I’m a sleeper cell agent. I work for Hillary Clinton. My real name is Gloria Smith. I’m a transgender man. I transitioned in 1983…” You see, Senator, Rappoport makes a mockery of everything we hold sacred. He can’t be reformed.

That does sound serious.

I wasn’t going to bring this up, but Rappoport seems to have extraordinary resources. Even though we’re in closed-door session here today, there’s a chance he’s recording this conversation.


I have no hard evidence, Senator. But I felt I should mention it.

The Committee thanks you. All right, just in case…I’m going to call a recess and bring security in to sweep the room for bugs again.

That would be useful. However, there are rumors Rappoport is telepathic.

Excuse me?

He could be “tuning in” to our session right now. He may have the power to—

[CENSORED. The transmission cut off at this point. It resumed a few minutes later.]


I find that hard to believe—you’re saying Rappoport could have infected President Biden with the virus?

I go where the evidence leads, Senator.

What evidence?

I’m not at liberty to say.

Ms. Lolly, this is a Senate hearing. We’re in private session. If you’re confirmed as the new director of the Government Disinformation Board, you’ll be subject to Congressional oversight.

I realize that. But I have to maintain silence on this particular subject for the moment.

Ms. Lolly, who is telling you to withhold information from us?

I can’t say.

[Several minutes of inaudible muttering and whispers.]

Ms. Lolly, did the order come from Dr. Fauci?

I can neither confirm nor deny that, Senator. But I will tell you this. The United States is still under a state of COVID emergency, declared by President Trump, and extended by President Biden. As you recall, in early 2020, President Trump stepped aside and made Dr. Fauci de facto President of the US—which led to the national lockdowns. No one has rescinded President Trump’s appointment of Dr. Fauci.

That’s an extraordinary claim.

Why? For at least a hundred years, the United States has had some form of shadow government.

We’re getting way off-track here.

I’d say we’re finally getting on track. Dr. Fauci is President. Who runs him? Bill Gates. Who runs Bill Gates? A group of ex [CENSORED] eugenicists who basically operate the pharmaceutical colossus and the [CENSORED] banks.

And I’m Donald Duck.

No, but your IQ is on a level with his.

How dare you—

I dare because I’m in the direct chain of command. The actual one. That other woman who was going to head up the Disinformation Board—Nina what’s her name—the You Tube singer? She was just a piece of fluff that drifted in on the wind. I’m the real thing. You WILL agree to my appointment, and oversight will work in the opposite direction. I’ll be looking at you. So let’s stop the fiddling and get down to business…

— Jon Rappoport

(Episode 16 of Rappoport Podcasts — “Destroying the Tyranny; Today’s Rebels, Tomorrow’s Leaders” — is now posted. It’s a blockbuster. To listen, click here. To learn more about This Episode of Rappoport Podcasts, click here.)

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