MAGIC MUSHROOMS could be used to treat depression:


 – Psychedelic compound increases the number of neural connections in the brain by 10%, study finds

  • Psilocybin, a drug found in ‘magic mushrooms’ may be able to reduce the effects of depression
  • Drug strengthened and increased the number of neural connections in mice during study
  • The drug could be effective for over a month, as brain connections in mice remained strong long term
  • Drug was previously used in some spiritual ceremonies in indigenous American cultures 

A psychedelic drug found in mushrooms could work as an antidepressant, new research shows.

Psilocybin, a compound that naturally occurs in some mushrooms, may be able to increase the long-lasting connections between neurons in the brain by 10 percent.

A research team from Yale University believes these connections can reduce the effects of depression on a person.

The study, which will be published in the journal Neuron on Monday, also found that the strength of neuron connections increases as well.


Psilocybin is a drug often found in certain mushrooms. It has hallucinogenic properties and a study by Yale researchers finds that it could reduce the effects of depression 

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