Large glowing wings noticed while stargazing (Harbinger of Covid, Ukraine, etc?)

Large glowing wings noticed while stargazing (Harbinger of Covid, Ukraine, etc?)

Large glowing wings noticed while stargazing (Harbinger of Covid, Ukraine, etc?)

A young woman is stargazing with her ex-boyfriend when she observes a 15-20 foot wide pair of ‘glowing wings’ gliding above them. She notes that she believes that this was a harbinger of recent world events.

The following account was referred to me:

“One night, years ago, I was hanging out with my now ex-boyfriend. It was either November or December of 2019. We decided that night that we wanted to look at the stars. It was very cold out and probably around 1 am, but that didn’t ever stop us from going outside. We put on extra layers, grabbed a blanket, and laid out to look at the stars.

Most of the night we were having fun, laughing, and talking. There was one point where our conversation got very serious. He started explaining to me that he didn’t believe in God. Or anything at all. He believes nothing will happen when we die. My response to that was I respect his beliefs but I believe in God. I know something will happen when we die. I’ve witnessed too many spiritual things in my life not to believe. I’ve always had a knowing that something more is out there. His only response was once he sees something, he’ll believe it.

We were quiet for a while after that, but eventually continued talking about other things and having fun. That’s when I saw something in the sky. What I saw was a massive pair of wings gliding directly above me. It was at least 18-20 ft. I couldn’t make out a head, legs, or tail. Just a massive pair of wings. It was dark and hard to see but the wings had a subtle glow just enough for me to see it. It almost looked see-through but also glowing. It can’t be for sure though. It was a shocking thing to see.

I wasn’t necessarily horrified, but I was in complete awe. I didn’t feel anything negative. My ex wasn’t paying attention at first. I shouted at him to look up. When he did, he immediately started panicking. He was swearing and freaking out.

The pair of wings wasn’t there for long. it just flew above us, then above my house, and seemed to disappear or just fade into the darkness. As it was flying, it only flapped its wings once. So really it was gliding.

My ex grabbed me and insisted we go inside. He was horrified. We didn’t get much sleep that night.

Eventually, the next day after calming down, we decided we wanted to go out at night again and see if anything else happens. There was a lot more that happened, I won’t get into too much detail about. We saw strange UFOs and two big bright lights that appeared to be close to us. So bright that it was hard to see. That itself was very scary and unusual. But the strangest thing was the winged being/thing.

After this happened my perspective of life changed completely. There is so much out there that we don’t know about. Not that it’s related, but weird things started happening around the world too. Covid, Ukraine, Chinese spy balloon, and so much more. There is just so much happening.

I have searched and talked to so many people to see if maybe they experienced something similar but I can’t find much information. I do believe that maybe what I saw was an angel. Or could be an interdenominational being. I’m not sure. I don’t think I’ll ever know for sure. I’ve accepted that.

Again, as unbelievable as it sounds, this is something real that has happened to me, and my ex-boyfriend.” u/idontknow5501



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