Katie Wright on Biden’s Vaccine Temper Tantrum

Katie Wright on Biden's Vaccine Temper Tantrum

 Source: Skynews
 Source: Skynews

Katie Wright on Biden’s Vaccine Temper Tantrum

 Happy Saturday! Grab a cup of coffee and maybe sit down for this one. Katie Wright unleashes the frustration so many of us feel.  Thanks to Katie for knowing that we are the only website that would dare to run this. We don’t shy away from controversy (we cut our teeth on it) and we can be as belligerent as we need to be – no sponsors feathers to ruffle!  It’s a freedom no one else has. I like it.  Kim


As I listened to Biden’s speech I heard my Mom’s voice in my head. “Young lady, I do not like that TONE in your voice!” I received the “tone” remark whenever I responded to her I an obnoxious manner. Biden’s speech about his draconian vaccine mandates was churlish, mean, counter productive and full of “tone.” The president isn’t a king, he works for us. Our country is divided enough right now, the last thing a president should be doing is pitting Americans against each other. In fact, NO politician should speak to the American public in such a nasty, divisive manner.

I don’t need my advanced degrees in psychology to know that that shaming and blaming is the least effective way to get people to change their minds. In fact, shaming and blaming only serve to entrench the belief or behavior another person is seeking to change. Who is the idiot who wrote that nasty mean spirited speech? It completely backfired.

Biden’s simplistic understanding of covid and vaccination is cringe-worthy. It’s not a black and white matter of unvaccinated vs. vaccinated, as he presents. Over 50 million Americans HAD covid and possess the antibodies! They do not need a vaccine, and like any rational person, do not want a medical procedure they do not need. Yet, now, people who possess immunity, and natural immunity vastly superior than vaccine induced immunity, will lose their jobs for declining a vaccine they don’t need? I want to see one doctor defend this idiotic policy. Never mind that, I want one American to defend such a stupid and cruel law.

President Biden, instead of blaming unvaccinated people who have, literally, done nothing wrong, take responsibility for the mess YOU created. At a time when we desperately need fresh, innovative leadership, you kept that 100 year old political hack Dr. Fauci in charge of covid efforts. YOU kept the ineffectual 100 year old Dr. Collins in charge of the NIH. Fauci lied to the American people about origins of covid and illegally granted (laundered)  millions of NIH money to “Eco Health” to perform gain of function research in Wuhan. Fauci says one thing to the public and the exact opposite in his NIH e mails. President Biden, you kept this hack in charge when you know he is a liar who has lost the respect of the American public.

People are dying of covid because your administration because you, via the NIH, will not invest in early treatment. Stop blaming people who can’t be vaccinated for the deaths under your watch. So many of those killed by covid would be alive today if they had been given early treatment. Early treatment, as offered in other countries, prevents hospitalization and death. But in the United States when someone goes to the hospital with moderate covid they are told to come back when they can barely breathe.

Scientific progress regarding covid treatment has been minimal because your administration has allowed widespread censorship of medical point of views. Covid is a new disease. We need open debate and discussion about treatment, not a medical dictatorship. Your administration demands that “misinformation” on the internet must be censored. You dictated that people who theorized that covid escaped from the Wuhan labs, rather than in a wet market, be thrown off social media. Nice move! You only proved why censorship is both dangerous and ineffective. All virologists believe covid definitively that covid originated in a lab but are afraid to say so publicly. The way you have silenced rationale scientific debate is chilling.

 The government is now working in tandem with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to censor and remove people who express covid views different from that of the CDC or NIH. This is a violation of the First Amendment. The CDC allowed the Teachers’ Union to decide when to open schools. If people ever trusted the CDC or the NIH, they don’t now and that is your fault, not the fault of unvaccinated people.

President Biden, my patience with your poorly reasoned arguments is wearing thin. In your speech, you said ten times that the vaccine is great and will keep people protected. Then you engaged in a diatribe about how evil unvaccinated people are and that they will infect vaccinated people with covid. Why the dire need for “protection” if the vaccine is so great? Why do you have no confidence in the vaccine to work properly? If the vaccine isn’t working poorly, isn’t that the fault of the vaccine maker, not people, who have, literally done nothing wrong?

Instead of throwing a temper tantrum and demonizing unvaccinated people, get your house in order. Appoint an independent, competent and innovative person to take charge of covid efforts. STOP the medical censorship and allow for debate. Immediately invest in early treatment. And, finally, stop insulting, shaming and blaming unvaccinated Americans. Act like a man, not a two year old.

By the way, I am vaccinated and I voted for this jerk.

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(Source: ageofautism.com; September 25, 2021; https://bit.ly/3madHwt)