Exercises for body, mind and soul that will improve your well-being

Exercises for body, mind and soul that will improve your well-being

Exercises for body, mind and soul that will improve your well-being

When talking about exercising, it’s important to remember that a complete approach is always better than simply dwelling in one area. A lot of people will work out physically but not work on the other elements to their body and mind that are so important. Similarly, people might practice meditating but forget that physical exercise gives you a great boost to your mental state. The best approach is to address all three of the elements of exercise and to combine them for an ultimate state of wellbeing. So, with that said, let’s take a look at some exercises that will help create that synergy and to bring you total wellbeing.

Cardiovascular Exercise Outdoors

Not everyone likes to do serious running, but cardiovascular exercise is proven to give your body, mind, and soul a good workout. If you can run and like it then go for that. If you don’t want to then you could try biking or, failing that, you can even just go on walks. Experiencing the world outside, the fresh air and the sights and sounds can have great help for your mental health as well. “With the blood pumping all around your body and some good physical exercise achieved you should also find that it really benefits the quality of your sleep, particularly the ease with which you get to sleep at the start of the night, which also has concrete positive benefits for mental health and physical health”, explains James Lawton, health writer at BritStudent and WriteMyx. So, get out there!


Yoga is a fantastic option for giving all three of these areas of your life a boost. There are a variety of different directions which you can take yoga, but in general getting into the habit of a regular routine, whether that be daily or weekly, of practicing yoga can have immense benefits across time. Yoga is a perfect blend of spirituality, physical activation, and mindfulness which encapsulates all of the dimensions to a well-rounded wellbeing health plan. People who do yoga tend to be so serious about it that taking it seriously yourself can be a bit daunting. But, if you just give yourself that initial nudge, I’m sure you’ll find that you’ll pick it up in no time and, in all likelihood, to great results!


If you want something with a little more physical involvement than yoga, tai-chi is a meditative, concentrated, disciplined martial art that, when mastered, can unlock strengths, both mental and physical that you were perhaps unaware you were capable of. This one takes real commitment, but it could very well be worth it in the long run. Definitely, something to explore. 


Swimming is an underrated form of exercise which, when you really break it down, has everything. “Swimming is such a complete form of exercise that it’s a wonder it isn’t adopted by more people. It works out every muscle in your body, without posing any risk of serious injury, it’s relaxing, meditative, not to mention fun. It can be done with a friend or friends or it can be done alone and it can be done by almost anyone, even people with disabilities that restrict their ability to exercise normally”, says  Charlotte Prince, health blogger at Australia2Write and NextCoursework. Finding a pool is the central challenge to this otherwise easy and enjoyable exercise. Once you have it could unlock something special.


Straying from the more traditional physical exercises, we have meditation. Meditating involves relaxing your body which is a form of exercise, and one that involves a lot of care and discipline. But alongside these benefits, you have the primary benefit of a really thorough way to exercise your mind and soul as you rid yourself of all your daily struggles and replace them with a sense of calm and peace. 


There are so many different ways that you can achieve a complete exercise routine where you address all of the different areas of your life. You can find mental benefits in physical activities and physical ones in mental activities. Ultimately, it’s what works for you, so get out there and see for yourself.

By Michael Dehoyos

Michael Dehoyos is a web developer at the Ph.D. Kingdom and Academic Brits. He assists companies in digitalizing their marketing strategy, as well as sharing his knowledge by contributing to numerous sites and publications, the academic service Coursework Help, amongst them.

(Source: consciouslifenews.com; May 20, 2022; https://tinyurl.com/3fu36tjn)