Do COVID Shots Increase the Risk of Getting COVID?

Do COVID Shots Increase the Risk of Getting COVID?

When news broke in September 2023 that a study indicated that persons who had received COVID booster shots were more likely to get COVID than the unvaccinated, “fact” checkers quickly jumped in to disprove this news.

Full Fact, which says it “fights for the right information to reach the people who need it most,” used a widely shared Facebook video to proclaim the reports as false, stating “a large body of evidence shows that the Covid-19 vaccines protect to some extent against infection, and substantially against hospitalization and death.”

Focusing on an opinion from Dr. Lance Turtle, a member of Pharma-backed Science Media Centre, Full Fact then said it only looked like vaccinated people were more likely to be infected because “it seems pretty obvious that [this apparent association] would either be down to exposure or testing behavior. People who get vaccinated are much more likely to be concerned about COVID and therefore more likely to get tested.”

Interestingly, news reports from the CDC in June 2022 said that data from its April 23, 2022, reporting week showed that infections seemed to be higher among boosted Americans, to the tune of double the rate of the unboosted.



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