Decentralization of power in action: DeSantis

Decentralization of power in action: DeSantis

Decentralization of power in action: DeSantis



To get highly technical, decentralization reduces bullshit to no bullshit.

As you know, I’ve written over and over that decentralization is how you starve the monster called the federal government.

DeSantis knows how.

Background: In 1972, Congress passed a law requiring non-discrimination in any educational institution or program receiving federal funds.

As usual, the federal agency responsible for overseeing that law started framing regulations that would implement the law in action. That was the US Dept. of Education.

When fed agencies frame these regulations, they often MAKE de facto new law. Which is illegal.

Recently, the Dept. of Education did just that. They updated the 1972 law with new regulations highlighting gender.1

Essentially, the new regs would require girls’ sports teams to include biological boys who say they identify as girls.

Locker rooms would have to be shared by girls and boys pretending to be girls.

These bullshit regs would apply from college all way down to kindergarten.

Florida Governor DeSantis said no.

He said Florida won’t comply with these new federal regulations.

That’s how you decentralize.



Simple, effective, and maddening to the feds.

We’ll see how this plays out.

Because, to go all the way, DeSantis has to be willing to forego federal $$ for education in Florida.

Federal money is how the feds bribe and the control the states.

“You want our money? Do what we tell you to do.”

DeSantis is popular in Florida. In this instance, seems like many parents don’t want their girls sharing teams or locker rooms with boys. They don’t want their girls forced to compete against boys who say they’re girls. In other words, the parents are sane.

So, aside from withholding funds, what will the federal government do to try to beat DeSantis?

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By Jon Rappoport

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